Friday, June 20, 2008

the two faced girl ! my expression !

ok i don't know what wrong with this freaking blog post but all the words appear huge no matter how much i try to edit it to make it forgive the wording.its the freaking blog! Anyway, u know who u are !!! u know what u said...u knew it was a lie yet u kept on going!!!what the hell is wrong with you????
do u have any idea how much i trusted you???yes...i heard rumours about u in form1...i believed it...i hated u for a while...but as the years went by....i let the rumours slip away. we were friends and i assured myself that all the things i heard about you...was a i got close to u...not only me...but the rest of us as first, i hesitated but then, i gave in. THINKING U WOULD HAVE CHANGED!
I WAS sadly mistaken.we went to the were scared !!! we wondered why...u even wanted to chicken out from school...we wondered why...till i got to school and found out WHY...did u think we will never find out about your lies???

have you ever been betrayed before?yes u knew it very well...don't deny it ! Keep your @#$%^ two faced BITCHY ASS HOLE CHARACTER and you'll loose every one of your friends one by one! tell me....are u that desperate to crave acceptance from the crowd till u loose yourself...pretend to be someone else....tell lies behind ones back and lies to another to be accepted????? YOU are a FOOL if u think that!!! once again i'm not trying to hurt your feelings...i'm just telling you how i felt...the anger...the betrayal.i really trusted you...what happened???
right now i'm just hating the F#*% out of you ! not only me BUT US !!!

be yourself...whats wrong with you???if your attitude does not match with the crowd...fine go find another...don't pretend to be someone else and hurt them if u know whats best for you.i really though u changed IT WAS A matter what happens,even if we are friends will nvr be the same again,u loss my trust,THAT can nvr be regained as i did that the last time to my best friend for 3 y ears and she lied to me again... whatever...and u call me best friend best friend???
best friend my ass la !!!!