Sunday, September 21, 2008


~~~~~~~~~~~i was studying like shit.................ermmm and eating(always hungry)^^


the beginning of a long week
and friday.............(supposely a happy day for many)
but its the worst for me
i have 3 tuitions....
total hours spent there in addition to extra classes (5hours)
i'm glad
val is there or i'll be more miserable.

yesterday was alright....
there's an outing this saturday and i hope my friends would be able to come

in addition to that.... my close friend
booked a SUITE for val,me,pau ping and zu

suprise suprise .... lolx guess i don't have to do the paying
its like a free gift... he's crazily rich to book the suite but well thats just him i guess.

physics paper was freaking tough and i was so sleepy
my hideous haircut was no help....i look all wrong now.

i can't wait to take up the scissors and cut it myself like i always do
when it grows long in a few more weeks.....arrhhhhhhh

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

continuation bday

~~~~~~~~~ alina,reg,the two florence,me~~~~~~~~~wheeee~~~~~~~

well my bday did not turn out half bad
i was nagging my mom the whole day to take me out....ANYWHERE (can u sense my desperation?)
she did eventually...after me nagging for hours
so after dinner we went
and she bought me shawls and more and the shopkeeper
even accidentally put in a free shawl for me...haha
when i came home...

i stared miserably asking where's my cake
my mom bought cupcakes and she said sry that was it
when my lil bro suddenly asked to open the door for him

i went and to my suprise saw my COUSINSSSS climbing the fence like THIEFS
over to my i was like errr...and my lil bro begun to shout
"why did u come back so early?"....and "alice omg i can't believe that u don't suspect anything" (my bro is a dope)
my mom was already pulling him out hesitatingly
i was beginning to suspect a surprise was gonna take place...
thats when i noticed... the sofas were nicely pushed up...
air con cutting doughnuts.....(oh oh)

before i knew friends were bursting in and alina was holding a 2wine bottles wow
wishing happy bday...i was touched...haha
we had fun after that and well i guess this birthday is not so bad rite
i never celebrated with friends (party mode) before.

~so THANKS to all behind this !

we begun web cam-ing john(regina's bf) from US later..
he was funny as always...and sang me a negaraku...hahaha
overall the day was great.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ The cake was chocalate banana

~~~~~~~~~~~~~they sang for me

~~~~~~~~~~~and showered their blessings while regina played the piano

~~~~~~~~~~~~make a wish

~~~~~~~~then we were chilling

~~~~~~~~including JUDE =)

~~~~~~~played some piano

~~all of us had fun(although my bro got scolded for making it obvious and ruining it)
~~~~~~~~~~florence turned RED cuz of her wine intake
~~~~~~~~we departed with a photo

~guess i did not need to do any saving in the first place =)