Wednesday, July 15, 2009

what the hellll ????


Ok here's the issue.
I just found out, that the new girl....
The persistant one,

who's using me and my friends in a way,

and trying to break us all up....

Well we asked her classmates whats her deal and they said.....
She's a guy !!!!

A GUY !!!

I'm just totally freaked out that he has us fooled all the while
thinking that he was a she.

I did notice that he had a gruff voice,
guy's name,
guy's hair and well....
not wearing a bra and all but
when they told me and my friends,.............

We got so traumatised and disturbed throughout English class.

He did wore shirts with flowers and smiling sunshines etc...

Damn and now he's calling me.


I have so many homework now.

Other than that, my life's been back to normal ^^

It already had days ago.
I'm glad i'm not moping anymore.
I find it pathetic for being all down for no reason
as the door has been closed on me with no reason.

Ppl change... no one can stop that fact.
But changing that fast is a whole new meaning.
I guess your love was not love after all.

Yea...I do feel a bit regretful...
All the memories, hopes and dreams crushed...

U being my first love.

I respect your decision though.

I'm happy for u.... no hard feelings.
I forgive u =) So don't feel bad about changing (that is if u meant it)

Change is normal. and yes i believe in fate.
Just kinda shocked that u convinced me in actually
thinking that our future is what we create...and that we change into what we want to become....

I can't believe i actually trusted that saying and
held on to it
instead of my saying,
"leave it all to God.. our future is in His hands"

U convinced me...

Made me believe.
Then smacked me in my face back taking back my saying and saying it back to me.

ouch that hurt alot...
i wonder if u wld ever know the pain u caused me.

But now...owh what can i do right?
Nothing... As like u said yourself,
its not me...its just you.
U told me i did nothing wrong so fine,
i'll believe that.

I've picked myself up.
And i still forgive u ^^
Good luck though.
Btw.... i'm not gonna pop the final question.

If u want it over, u have to do it cuz i'm not gonna say anything.
But i've already assumed it though.
Its just not official and u are leaving me hanging....
Hope we'll be friends though.
No hard feelings =)

i'm glad i still can relate to my old friends.
I really want to meet up with them.
Haiz...there's just not enough time anymore... bummer.
Have loads of work to do.
My newclasmates look nice.
I hope i can get along with them like my previous class =)
Gtg now... ; )

Saturday, July 11, 2009

camp kristus aman

June26-28, 2009.

Wheeee the Penang camp.
I had not been there since I was 3years old.
The price was so cheap and I wanted to be closer to God.
I felt like I was drifting away from Him.
So I went to establish that. That was my main goal honestly.
Sorry if I seem like a church nerd... Call me whatever u want.
I love God loads.

Btw I'm hooked on another song.
Taylor Swift-I'd Lie
Its so good ^^

Anyway back to the camp.
Yea the arrivals and the journey was a bore.
Chat up with my friends i had not seen in ages.
There were a few new faces.
They were really nice ppl.
It seems they had been in my church for a long time...
Shit, I guess I must be kinda blind in church.

Slept my way to penang while texting occasionally.
I was exhausted.

When I reached the place, we went exploring the place talking and laughing.
I was ecstatic. I was so excited, i climbed on huge rocks etc.

Florence said i was like some little girl ^^
I really could not help it. I was beaming from ear to ear.



-loads of shells-

We played games after that.
I suck at being the detective and the killer T__T damn !

The sunset was amazing.
I really kept on missing someone to tears.
Michelle did not understand so she kept on teasing Shelby and me whenever we
got daydreamy etc. The moon and stars were breathtaking too.
OMGGG my heart felt so, so ....arhhhh I don't know how to describe it...
Its like perfect yet not perfect !!!

I had a great dinner...

The food was catered by Eden...It was delicious.

-campfire praise and worship-

-I had to share the lyrics with josh-
As I slept I let the past memories that made me complete wash over my mind.
It made me feel better that way.

I had the whole room all to myself. I was exhausted to bits till i did not have time to be scared.

Second day...
I went for mass at a house.
There was a dog inside and its tail brushed my back like some broom...
I was terrified.
Went to the Youth Park with all these amazing facilities in the evening.
It was huge.
Sat at some weird chair at the park with Florence
while doing a quiz
to find out what was my love language was.
Mine was quality time suprisingly.

-Ted as usual^^ -
I loved the sessions.
It was basically on love languages.
I really learnt a lot.
The healing sessions were uneffective. I was just to guarded to let out any emotions...

Until the last day.....
-mass at a church not the house this time-

They did a suprise praying over and
I really felt the full force and begun bawling.
That felt really good.
I felt so lifted and peaceful after that.

The best part of this camp was the sessions and praise and worship.
It was just so awesome and filled with great songs
It really gave me the spirit to just move and sing.

I did not know penang ppl spoke hokkien.
I ordered noodles in canthonese and she looked at me
with the wierdest face !!!

(some pics not in order with the days)

Good thing on the other days, my friends helped me ordered the food.

I remembered while going to the toilets,i turned around searching
and bumped into this fat woman
with all her flab.
SHIT !!!!
It was like some soft cushion pressed into my face like some spring!
I was absolutely mortified....
and embarassed.
She was pissed off !
I'll nvr forget that incident.

I was happy i got to go home.
I really missed many ppl.
The bus ride was boring.
Left at 4pm i think and reached my church at 12.30AM around there i think.
It was freezing in the bus.
I was so glad to get out of there.

group pic !