Saturday, May 21, 2011

Many Things

Credits to my bf Chia Hou <3

Ahhhh my dear friends.....
I learned so many things.....

Never judge a grumpy and strict face....
They may end up as CUTE AS HELL in personality !!!
PURE  CUTENESS  literally !!!


Personality check.....
When you realise everyone is leaving you...
Don't go complaining, gaining sympathy.....they left with a reason.


Appreciate BORING moments....
cuz when things go wrong,
U would just wish your day was anything but exciting.


Never predict the future...
(I have to elaborate on this)
Never say things like.... " I would never date a...../ mix with him or her
You might end up with them and like it or fall in love with that person.


Working is not so bad...
Once you get to know your role...
Learn to enjoy its gonna be what u do for the rest of your life.


People Change
As little as it is, everyone changes...
Exp : U don't expect a child to remain childlike forever.


Over Confidence / Zero Confidence
There would always be someone better than you.
Don't brag too much / waste your time beating yourself up.


The Apocalypse 
Stop being so scared of a prediction / a date or year (2012) crap
For all you know, u might be gone tomorrow.. Death comes like a thief.


Does it gain you ANYTHING by hating someone?
As hard as it is, let go...Don't end up a bitter person.


Do not expect too much
Everyone expects something....
Excessively, it will break many relationships...


Thanks Mom
I learned to pop a zit PROPERLY....

Finally, gosh I am in love with this random song I found yesterday.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Unsung Hero.

Here's to the heroin that gave me life.
Here's to the heroin that was so patient with me,

Whom :
Clothed and fed me,
Bought  me bears,
Changed my diapers,
walked me to school,

Sung me songs every morning,
thought me so much about life,
Hugged me when I cried,
Hears my blab stories ALL the time,
Patience was the key....

Patience and so much love....
Nothing I do can repay all that u have done for me.

I feel so blessed that God sent u to me as my mother...

The heroin that is the closest person to me...
Here's to her that is and forever will be my best friend.
Happy Mother's Day.
I will forever cherish and remember your love for me.

I love u mom !!!

.......gosh she's cool..... xD