Wednesday, December 30, 2009

guesss what?

It's 12.40am now.
I have a Christmas post
which I have yet to post
but I would post it soon
when I have more time.

I have a basketball
game at 9am later
with church friends
so I'm gonna sleep after
wrapping some gifts.
I broke the freakin spell !!!!!!!
My insomnia !

I sleep really early nowadays

at 11pm-1am.

My college friends
scared me when they said
I'll suffer in the future
if I don't sleep early.....
......................when I'm OLD !!!!!!!!!!

NOT a pleasant thing to hear !

So I'm turning to a new leaf .
Hopefully it stays this way =)

O ya. and I just
came back from the salon.
I really like my new hair.

I'm not posting pictures.
U guys just wait and see =D

My next wish
is to get another piercing...
The thing is,
I'm scared it'll be hard to
take care cuz

I can't even wear necklaces
and bathe in hot water when the
weather is cold, vice versa.
>YUCK< Not a very flattering thing to hear....
(OK now the face above has a
serious case of constipation)

I watched Alvin and the Chipmunks2
the other day.

<33> Theodore GREEN FAT BALL OF FUR ! x)

Friday, December 25, 2009


Its 1.08am
right after Christmas day.
So far my day has been really tiring.

Firstly I have to thank
the wonderful ppl that
gave me presents
this Christmas.
U all know I'm already a big girl =(

No presents and shit.
So your gifts were really meaningful......
Especially the first gift I
received. ....

Yea if the person is reading this...
U caught me off guard.
I was really touched. Thank u.
And if u still don't know....yea,
Your present was the only one that came in a box.
OK now I made it obvious. haha.


As said,
I went out with Val to ONE UTAMA
after her last paper.

We went shopping
for material for something.
I won't give any hinters yet x)
You'll find out soon loves...
We went to the hotel after that.
(One World hotel)

We filmed a short video.
I must say.
Maybe u guys will see it
on Facebook soon.


I went for my last caroling session
after that.
Then I skipped playing 'Twister'
with friends to stay over
at Val's place <3>

I have a few pics from my last day
of caroling at one of the houses
and while walking.

Jumping in heels. Yea i was lucky it did not 'patah' !

At church during Christmas Day (pic above)


Halfway through our list of activities
at her (Val) place,
I literally KO-ed.

The next day,
more pics....

..... and I helped being her 'hanger'
for her blogshop x)

Some of the clothes
u can find in her blogshops ...

Its awesome stuff.

Speaking about awesome...
Check out my friend's Photoshop art.
Lol I find it awesome
that he actually thought
about these graphics
and had the patience to do this.
Great job Chia Hao :D
Btw...I will get u and
Mel back.
I just need to find a
pic of Mel
looking at the sky now
since I already have this pic of u xD


here are the pics.
I would start off with the random ones,
I took while Val was snoozing away.

Hantu pic

Disgusting pic.
LOL. Val said I looked constipated and with that light thing
which looked like stuff..... flying off my nose.

and finally......
the blogshop pictures.....
(Some of it. I did not post all.)
I was just helping
out being her 'hanger' and with
my SLR camera.

She was photographer
and those clothes
are from her blogshop.

CANDID PICTURES. I was on the phone.

Now Its all posing shots......

The clothes in her blog are really worth it.
love em x)