Monday, May 31, 2010

Remove please

I was gonna blog
about how my morning went..
but decided to change my mind.

I was just spring cleaning my
Friendster and Facebook account.
I just can't stand certain ppl and when I
think I can no longer be friends with someone,
I slash them off.

Its not because I hate them.
Its just cuz there is no way that we can
ever be friends again.
Don't u think?

I might as well make it easier
for u.

Btw, please remove my pics from your profile please.
I don't even know
why u
tagged yourself in it in the first place.

It surprised me even more
when I found out it was still there.
To be frank, it creeps me out.

wow. I never imagined this to happen.
I was actually neutral until that day
when u just got so rude.

Waste of time, or whatever,
Ur words just made u seem as
if u were running away from the situation,
instead of settling it.

Since u said it was a waste of time.
Then trying to reconcile with u,
would be pointless.

Thanks for the things u did anyway.
All the best.


I woke up at 5pm today.
Can't sleep now.
But I have to get some rest.

Going off to PD with my
college hunniex soon.

Btw I managed to sell off
my China mini iphone.

Gonna do assignments and pack
since I can't sleep.

I have the whole night anyway.

Gnite everyone.
Would blog about the Pd trip soon ;)

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Its 3.13pm now and I'm rushing
to finish my assignments this week,
so that I can enjoy my next 7 days, worry free.

Its my 2 week holiday now, but to me
and most of my friends,
we think its just shit.....


..... cuz its not exactly a holiday
when u are given
all your
final projects to complete.

I saved a screen shot on
part of what I had been
working on yesterday.

Maybe then,
when u pick up a package in the future,
u would learn to notice the details.

Appreciate Graphic Designers !


I was assigned or shall I say
"cursed" to do Cocoa Krispies.
The reason why I think its a curse is obvious....

.....The reason because I have to trace not 1, but 3 characters!!!!

and its so small and detailed
with the shadows and highlights.

U see those fonts above? "COCOA KRISPIES"

It looks so simple.
The process is not !

and my final...

Alright, gtg now.

Thought I could just dish out
part of my frustration.

Till next time.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Take a break dear.

I know some people get stressed easily.
Some people don't.
But to those who do,

U all need to TAKE A BREAK.

which is why this post
goes out to my dear friend
Melissa !

I know things are so hard at your end right now.
The burden which u are feeling,
no one else can understand and feel it
as well as u do.

U may feel so alone,
so helpless,
and as if no one cared for u...

but believe me,
there are so many people out there
that do care for u....

....U just don't notice it.
If u could only step into my shoes
and see the ppl around u.
I know nothing I say here may convince u,
but I hope u do notice that they show their care for u
in the most discreet ways.

Everyone is different.
Our personalities vary.
I know u get stressed and upset fast
but this is a part of u, and I know u can't help it.

But whenever u are sad
just think of random funny stuff.
Though I know it is very hard.

OK I'm being so long winded like an old lady.
I'll just cut straight to my objective here.....
......which is to try to make u crack a smile.

Pweety please ?

I miss the happy Mel !!!

No I'm not calling u Grandpa..

..nor am I calling u Bush

Hippos are cute !

I really do hope at least one of these pics made u smile.

And just so to warn everyone,
contributes to baldness.
Stress makes your skin zitty and dry.
Stress makes u sick,

So try not to be so too stressed.
Laugh it out.


Monday, May 24, 2010

A Post on My Emotions

I know emotion posts
can be a bit confusing
as I know the readers don't understand.

But this is a blog.
I vent out what I feel
whether if its on society, friends, emotions. etc.

Been having arguments.
I just wonder why u blame me all the time.
I try my best. I really did.

But I always end up hurt.
U blame me for misunderstandings,
U can't even wait 5 minutes for me.

I don't think I did anything wrong.
I'm fcukin pissed off with YOU.

You and your impatience !
You and your do it quick mentality !
You and your $%^&* up fcuking ego !

U misunderstood me... and u blamed me.
Fine maybe I was wrong but u blamed me
for something which I did not know.

I offered to fix it !
But u got annoyed and said it was not necessary.
U tried to fix it but u were so impatient,
u made the situation worst !

In front of your friends, U act as if
everything is ok in this world, laughing your lungs out !
U did not even bother about me.
Its always friends friends friends !

U see them EVERY DAY !
Why can't u spend time to get to know me?
Why can't u be more patient with me?

Do u know how hurt I feel?
Do u know how much my heart aches
everytime I try my best, I rush out to the door and u
were always not there.

You are leaving bruises in my soul
yet u do not know that !
U have no idea how much my heart aches as I write this post.
U will never know the amount of tears I shed, because for u.

When I go church for healing sessions.
This area is the one that always leaves me crying.
This is the area which still hurts me until today.

Why can't u stop your ego from getting the best of u.
Maybe I just don't understand u.
But maybe u should stop shutting up, and tell me.

I'm really so tired.
Everytime I thought u have changed.
Something would come up, which proves that
u have not.

I'm really just so tired because of this matter.....

Screw it. I guess some things will always remain the same.
But always remember...
Whatever happens,
always always remember...
that I love u.
Forever and Always.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Malaysian Studies.
I spent the whole night plotting
on ways to cheat... in the end FAIL.

I was happily snapping photos
with my hp thinking
I could cheat through it.



So all my efforts, in taking those pics
were wasted !... But the exam was alright.
I don't wanna talk about it anymore.


I have nothing much to blog today.
So I'll just post some pictures
on places I went for photography.

(sorry I have no time to photoshop the pics)
(or maybe I should...
put some typo in those pics....)

ARRHHH fine !
I shall edit this post very soon
after I finish editing.

Nitexy everyone.
Church later.
Gosh I miss that place.
I miss God.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

That Lonely Person

What goes through your mind
when u see a lonely person?

Whether he/she is
sitting alone,

Whether he/she is
sitting with a group of friends,
but being isolated from the group.

Walking alone
with his/her head looking
at the ground all the time.


I don't know
how u feel

I feel sad.

What goes through your mind,
when u see a beggar?

Begging on the streets,
staring at your food when u waste it,
that face of longing and
sadness all over his face...

I don't know
how u feel

I feel sad.


Maybe I feel sad
because I have experienced
loneliness before....

...... and I know EXACTLY
how they feel...

and its horrible.

I was really quiet to others.
Quiet to the stage where ppl
labeled me as ''weird''.

I was quiet.
But always for a reason.

My clique of friends
were all separated. All to other classes.
Different schools, out of state.

To blend in,
with a new group of ppl
was not easy of course.

( especially if they have cliques
of their own and u are,
"the new member" )

People nowadays can be very harsh.

I remembered just because I
had a best friend which was a guy
and of a different race,
many people begun teasing
and labeling me as "weirder".

People would also tease
this best friend of mine, just because
of his appearance and voice. (babylike)

If u judge people by their appearance,
you'll never get to know their inner beauty.

They would ask me
"Why do u mix with him?
He sounds like a girl.

How can u stand it?"

I would confess
I was irritated in the beginning as well.
But I learned to accept him.

I'm sure you would also want
someone to accept you, for who u are.
We can't change to please everyone.


Now this goes out
to the girls.

I know some of u
discriminate and begin hating other girls
just because of jealousy.


If the person u like:
Did not choose u,
for face problem,
or attitude problems,

or liked u in the past but no more,
or is your boyfriend,
but used to like
another girl,

or just because that other
girl is beautiful and
u are intimidated.

Don't go hating her
for bullshit reasons like this.

U are hating this girl,
and she has done NOTHING to you?
Shouldn't u be hating the guy instead?

The worst part is,
some of u even act all
friendly in front of the person.

The way u laugh changes.
The way u talk changes.
But your jealousy in your eyes, don't.

I don't know about you readers.

But I have seen those
jealousy in the eyes before,
those fake smiles,

It makes me feel worst when
the girl gets fooled to believe those
fake people, .....
believing that they are nice.

and in the end ....

finding out that
''that so called nice girl'',

had been gossiping SHITX about u.


Bitch !


Whenever we ask this bitch
"hey, why do u hate her so much?"

she says,
"Owh I don't know. I just do"

u ask
"Awww Cmon. There has to be a reason"

she says
"Don't ask so much. I just hate her ok"

some would say
"She used to have something with my bf"

but the fact is....
damn it !

Do u think your precious bf
still likes her anymore,
vice versa?

( If u say "yes"
then I daresay that,
your foundation as a couple suck ! )

There is a saying which goes
''when I'm jealous, it means that I care"

... but here is my saying.
"when u are jealous for stupid excuses like above,
It degrades u and makes u look like a complete idiot."


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Remember the times when
u scolded me

Nagged at me ?

Did not understand me ?

Embarrassed me ?

Punished me ?

Caned me ?

etc etc.

Those were the things
that made me who I am today.

U scolded me when I
did the wrong thing.
I took your warnings, and changed.

U nagged me.
and with your advice,
u made me a stronger person.

U did not understand me,
but I saw your efforts
and it made me feel better instantly.

U embarrassed me,
But we are all humans.
and I know u are not perfect.
I still love u.

Through your punishments
from my stubborn behavior,
u shaped me to become a better person.


Most people focus on the negativity
from their moms and therefore
the relationship gets strained in time.


Stop and think.....
Remember all the times
she had been there for u.

Held your hand when u are in pain.
wiped every tear from your eye.
Sang u a lullaby before u slept.

Scolding u so hard
because she cared so much.
But what did she get?

U scolding back?
Did u ever consider how much her
heart ached every time she scolded u
or hit u?

She may not tell u, her heart ached
when she does those things.
But have u ever looked into her eyes
to see the hurt in them ?

She was the one that clothed u.
that gave her love, her all.
Money for education.
Her sacrifices for u...
.....have u ever noticed?

Her actions will be remembered always.
Her words will forever remain in your heart.
Her love......
..Its called unconditional love.

I look to my mom.
She is my role model,
My best friend,
My pillar of strength.

I am proud to tell everyone that
she is my mom.
I feel extremely blessed
and I think she is the coolest.

Listening to Adam Lambert on the radio.
Accidentally eating with two spoons
instead of a spoon and a fork.

Dancing in the hallway,
I see her joy,
Her happiness.

.... and in turn,
my heart is lifted and I feel happy.
I don't ever want to see her frown. Just smiles.
Dear mommy, I love u so much.


Every wrinkle on your mom's face tells a story.

Time is passing.
Its never too late to forgive her,
appreciate her.

U will only have one mother in your life.
She may not be perfect.
But look at yourself.
u are imperfect as well,
no one is.

To those who think your mom is
not giving u enough love.....

.... Your mom shows her love in different ways.
It may not be saying "I love u"
it may not be extravagant gifts.

But it can be the tiniest of her efforts
like waking u up for school,
cooking for u,
calling to check on u.

The question is........... Do u notice it?

A mother's love is
irreplaceable and unconditional.

To all the mom's in the world,

A Happy Mother's Day to all of u.

And hugs and kisses also goes
out to that lovely woman
who gave me life,

sitting downstairs
watching SpongeBobSquarePants
with my little brother,
my mom .

I love u.