Thursday, December 18, 2008


my games group, 'moses the great'

i just came back from
one of the most awesome things that happened to me this year
which is............

the camp 'love and life'

no words can be used to describe the feelings i felt
here's the conclusions to all my church camps i attended so far ;

FGA camp - good but the people i met were damn unfriendly (ruined my image of the camp)

SIC rally - VERY good... in fact my bro converted religion because of this camp

KAYM camp - the camp with the best company and the laughing moments we shared were priceless. very very good

CONFIRMATION camp in melaka - the BEST camp i attended. i got touched to the max by God. need an explanation on what happened just ask me.

and finally.

LOVE AND LIFE - the camp that i'll miss the most... best experience =)

~~~~~~~~~~~~the place IJ convent where it is conducted =)(it looks MUCH nicer inside)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ the view as we were on a hill
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~this is Kevin Koh.he's the first guy i met at camp.

~~~~~~~~~~~~i like his smile. haha. he always elbows my thigh.... its vry geli >_< ~this is samuel and claire. i took sam's slipper during a game and claire's in my games group.

~~~~~~~~~errrr this is my bro philip. i had to crop myself.i looked hideous here.
~~~~~~~~he seriously reminds me of my cat =)
~~~~~~~~~~~that person, is my mortal, bryan... i did my best to be his angel during the game

~~~~~~~~~alice , steph ong, claire
~~~~~~~~~~~caryn,amelia,me,and FLORENCE

~~~~~~~~~this was what the ppl were doing on the last day
~~~~~~~~~~~~during malam ria

~~~~~~~~~~the theme was movie night.i cld not dress up as dakota cuz i played a mean girl in my act.
~~~~~~~~~~florence's group - abraham
~~~~~~~~~~~~~me and my wonderful mom
~~~~~~~~during my act with 'kupusamy'

~~~~~Introducing philip,me,anthony,steph,sapna,claire,patrick,kath

~~~~~~~~~~singing the song for the last time
~~~~~~~~~~but we still had lots of fun

overall it was great
i miss camp
i miss my friends
i also miss my guy
who's asleep now.................
sorry pwince i reply u so late =(
and to my best friend val


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

as far as it is--- smile

Life's turn up at the moment
I don't know why....
but it seems after a problem is solved...Another pops up...
For instance.....

After my knee stopped hurting....
i was on medication for something i'm not gonna state here and
after that was cured,
my feet and knee ached for standing too long in high heels
after my caroling photoshoot at 'the curve'

and now....

my eye hurts....its so screwed up

things are good now
i miss my boy
i like him so much
he filled my emptyness

Today i asked my little bro "who's the hottest guy alive?"
as we all know....
a survey conducted stated that the hottest man alive was Hugh Jackman

but my little bro instead of saying someone decent like chad michael murray or something, he said...............

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Arnold Schwarzeneggar"

~~~~~~~ i was laughing like shit...that really got me out of bed seriously.... ^^

I'm going for my 'love and life' camp tomorrow....
i was packing my stuff yesterday...and msg-ing my pwince

~~~~~~~~~~~~~well thats the best i can manage

For movie night i had no stunning costume....
so after much thought and thorough searching of my wardrobe...
i've decided to dress up as.....................

little Dakota Fanning who acted in 'war of the worlds'

~~~~~~~~~~~~funny i know but i just ran out of ideas.....she's like a princess too^^

my dad and bro went for a wedding at 'one world' recently

the party gifts from the newly weds were......................
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~can u guess????

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~its candles......

u would have expected cakes of pastry right?
but its obviously a candle when they showed it to me...

then my mom said "smart smart" "did u know that your dad's friend actually ATE IT as he thought it was jelly"

he even swallowed it and said "mmmmm this is some weird tasting thing"

omg thats sent me to peels of laughter ^^

Alright...lets just pray that the camp would help me
~love my enemies and
~forgive them...

thats my wish...and also to enjoy it of course and survive the seven day camp...

as for my lovely friends....
i wish u HAVE FUN at prom..... arrhhhhhhh darn...i'm jealous
i chose this path....i hope i won't regret it =)

tataz ! =)

Monday, December 1, 2008

God's Test

i'll have to admit.........
going through a heartache and friendship problems at a go
is comparable to breaking your spine..... and lying helpless on a bed

caroling was..... fun............ in a way
i went to church with my besties.
somehow i felt so empty the whole drive to mass and even for caroling practice
yup we sang as usual and my throat burned after some time
i could feel a sorethroat coming


the whole time.......i kept thinking about my problems
the whole time.......finding for a solution
the whole time.......thinking if God would shed light to my world of darkness
the whole time........ wondering if my guy would tell me his "secrets"

the whole time........wondering if my best friend forgave me
the whole time........that dagger laid stone cold in my chest
the whole time........feeling a wound somewhere deep
the whole time........there was a broken part of me....not fixed


the whole time FEELING GRATEFUL i was away from everything for now in church but knowing i had to face it at home....
I HAD to think straight
i HAD to compose myself
i HAD to lift the veil MYSELF covering my eyes
I HAD to lock myself in my room as thats the place my thoughts gather best,


I HAD to give him a response and a reply

which i, things are a way
i got my sleep at LAST from 9pm-8am (that's 11 hours)
(mainly cuz i fell asleep while thinking)
i did NOT WANNA SLEEP although i had been sleeping for 3 hours recently and i was dead tired...every hour pulls and it feels like "when is it gonna end"

i was scared.....
scared that if i slept.....things would be left unsolved........
things would get worst in the morning......

my problems are not over, but i know
i have to be strong

i keep forgetting to take my medicine nowadays =___=
we'll see what happens
things would get better
i know it
i'm not some hopeless person who wld not find a solution
and lie there for the dead
so i'm confident things would be better...

till then.... i have to keep discerning
gtg now..... more thinking awaits me =)