Monday, March 29, 2010


Fuzzy Blue Lights
by Owl City

Part 3

During my holidays then,
I also had been going out a lot
to help out with
Akito's assignment.

I feel honored to be asked by him.

So I just want to apologise if
the pictures did not turn out super mind blowing great.
I'm no professional....

....but I sure did my best...
Thanks for the experience.

Nicklas and Chia Hou
were the photographers.
and Aki was the stylist.

So here are some of the pictures taken.

There was this unique car in the basement xD


( I think these are the selected ones ) I'm not sure.

OK so now,...

I can strike of this incident
in my
To Do Lists finally.



Friday, March 26, 2010

Part 2 (Random events)

I have quite a number
of camwhore pictures with Shinji.
I'll post some.

He invited me to exercise and
practice photography
at Broga Hill
with my bro the other day.

I climbed halfway till I could barely breathe
and was hyperventilating like crazy.

(nearly fainted)

I guess I'm NOT healthy
but thanks for
encouraging me Shinji.

Thanks Kor
for protecting me
from falling down.

Emo right?



I made a pinata
for my best friend on Valentine's Day.

Here's the process.

Smack it


Apart from that, my cousin
Jason got married. Damn sweet.


I have to sleep now...
I got sick again.

I just got tempted to blog extra today ...
cuz I do not know when
would be the next time I blog.