Saturday, November 27, 2010

I wanted to blog a long time ago....

I don't know how come I chose THIS time to blog.
I'm doing my assignments now 
as usual.

But still.....
My blog had been collecting dust.
So I decided to pop by.

I was not feeling well this afternoon.
I spent 5 hours in bed and I really wanted to go and celebrate my brother's birthday.
Instead, I spent my time stuck in bed ! Weak as hell ! Wreathing in pain !

Am I mad at myself?

I missed my brother's birthday celebration !!!
I have not seen my grandmother in ages and I missed the chance to see her yet again,
as my brother was celebrating his birthday over my grandmother's place. 


Enough of the anger venting.
Lets talk about something happy...


Many have not experienced the magic of Christmas.
You have no idea how much you are missing.
The caroling, the bond of family and friendship, etc.

But Christmas is not just about that.
It was the day Christ was born !

Today the true meaning of Christmas is overshadowed by that fat man,
the one u call Santa Clause.

This year, I really hope that those who have not experienced this magic, would.

Open your hearts to  this joyous occasion !
Christmas trees and lights would be in malls and Christian homes
so take a chance and GO.... Bring a lot of your friends and loved ones of course.

Unfortunately I can't join caroling this year
due to my many assignments !!!
ARRHHHHHH  i really was looking forward to it.

Caroling really gave me the Chrismas mood....
This year.... I wonder whether I would have fun at all :(
My fingers are crossed.

Hopefully the youths at my church would throw a spectacular performance !
Their voices are like angels especially when they sing at houses.
Oh Cow, its 2.09 now. Gotta get back to work.

I will blog sometime soon again.
Till then :)    
 Merry Christmas in advance !


Btw I have not watched Harry Potter !
Hopefully I would have a chance during my December, "assignment holiday".

^^ okie, tatax !