Monday, April 2, 2012

oh, don't look at me now

Come on....
Everyone has em.

Some are allergic to seafood, nuts, milk...
and the list goes on and on. Yet, I know there are some people out there who think they are not allergic to anything...But let me tell you...genetics can be a absolute, pain in the ass, mother****ing BITCH !

All the rage now because as I am typing this, I am in so much pain because of my allergies!! ...which I ONCE though I did not have a problem with. The allergies, among all places it could choose to strike, among ALLLL, it had to be the place where people look at the most....The eyes! Oh tell me Lord WHYYYY???

It started little by little at first. My ears and neck got sensitive to accessories. I was so broken hearted when i had to say goodbye to my collection of necklaces and earrings...Then I had a problem with the heat. I would erupt in rashes if my body got all hot. THANK GOD the rashes do not itch!!! 

And now the latest allergy which "mutated" from this had to effect my eyelids!!! and this time it itches like crazy! Little mosquito bites would appear and if aggravated, it would swell and make me look like I just had an eye surgery gone wrong.

But OK, I sucked it up...beared with it... I got smarter on how to deal with it. But nothing would have prepared me for what happened today. I was not feeling well so I took a painkiller and went to sleep. I woke up with a horrible itch on both my eyes... My brains kicked in, and i dashed to the mirror... To my horror, I was not staring at myself, but at face which looked like the hunchback of NotreDame! Gahhhh!!!

I piled cold packs on my eyes, and it stopped the insane itch but not the swelling... As I am typing this I feel like I have the asian-ness of asian, chinese eyes. (as if my eyes were not small enough already) The bridge of my nose even disappeared!!! I went to the doctor looking like Lady Gaga with super black tinted sunglasses night, YES, on a busy Monday night.

The clinic was packed. I unfortunately had to make a run to the toilet which was at the far end of the clinic. That few seconds walk to the toilet was like a runway with hungrily, bored audience and I became the centre of attention immediately. You could see the transformation of their looks, all bored waiting to see the doctor and as I walked in.. the raised heads.. the children with confusion in their eyes making way for me.... ARHHHH!!

Like I said when I just wrote this post, I.Am.In.So.Much.Pain. so I better get some sleep now.  To the readers out there, be careful of what you say or think you know. Especially things related to your body. You can never be too sure when your body starts to change. Whatever it is, suck it in, stop sulking, and adapt to it!

Goodnight :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine 2012

Its bloody late !!! But I can't help it... I have to say this...
I have not slept... Therefore I am not done with this day...
Valentine's Day :)

Valentine's day to me is not about the most expensive bouquet or dinners.
Its not about giant teddy bears, chocolates or the gifts...
Its about that lovely person whom holds your heart.
Thank you for accompanying me throughout this day and all the time Loh Chia Hou !
I shall cherish it always. Thank u for the present u gave me too. It may not be an expensive bouquet of pathetic flowers (which dies extra fast...especially in this heat). But yours came from your heart and effort and u have no idea how much I like it.

Anyway, I hope all of u had an equally amazing valentine too.
I know I did ;)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Today I shall blog about.....


I have been obsessed with these drinks for the past year !
It has replaced my Starbucks 'walk and drink' moments.

Starbucks really burnt a hole in my wallet.
I hear that Starbucks in places like America are cheap stuff.
Well over here, people see Starbucks as luxury.. Literally !
becuz its just so damn expensive here...
Bubble tea and other Taiwanese desserts have recently become very popular here. Cafes like Gong Cha and Chatime are the most popular outlets so far for bubble tea addicts like me and places like Snowflake (which serve Taiwanese desserts) have also been attracting long queues.

I tried this.
I really liked the sweet potato, taro, and black pearls ONLY.

I am a fan of anything with MILK !
So I guess for me, I prefer bubble milk teas
over these yummy desserts.

As you can seeee....
I drink bubble tea A LOT (but only the milky flavours)
But thankfully, this addiction has been broken.

Currently I'm addicted to Hot Chocolate. 
I drink em about like 5 times a week. But unlike bubble tea, THIS I don't feel guilty because cocoa contains loads of antioxidants and I don't really add a lot of sugar.

Wheeee alright.
Gonna retreat to my cocoon now !
3.11AM goodnite :D

Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Little Bundle of Happiness

Hi Everyone.
Meet Poppy, my Syrian hamster.
She is an adult now, and no longer obese.

I also decided to blog these photos of the products which I'm using and
a short review to help out certain people whom are having difficulties 
shopping for good hamster related products here in Malaysia.

I took these picture in November 2011. (So Poppy was still fat then)

Ok, and now for the products.

OxBow Essentials, Harry Hamster, Burp Cocktail Mix
Now firstly, some of u would know just how hard it is to get GOOD brands here.
The choices here are so limited. So, I hope this helps.

One of the best brands I have used so far is 'Harry Hamster'. Their mix do not contain a lot of sunflower seeds unlike in the 'Burp Cocktail Mix'. In fact that was mainly why my hamster got so fat. 

Harry Hamster food is nutritionally complete and it is the only hamster food approved by the 'National Hamster Council'. It does not only contain grains and seeds but also an equal amount of pellets to promote dental wear. Not to be confused with rabbit pellets. The pellets here (if thats what u call em) are different in colour, size and texture and would provide interest and also enabling natural foraging behavior. My hamster got so much more healthier with this mix.

I usually also add 'Oxbow Essentials' to her daily food supply for more nutrition. I do this because I want her diet to be balanced as my hamster sometimes still picks on her food. With these, I am assured that she gets her daily nutrition. She usually eats 5/6 pellets a day.

Thats all for today.
Hope that helped some people :D