Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Working Experience

This post is a bit late.

But it still it was my first working experience.
and therefore, it is special to me.
So I shall say a few words.

I never thought I would fit in eventually.
I was emo-ing outside the lobby.


Until I met Grace and Crystal....
They were the first new faces I met there.


The next closest to me there were,
Lup Fai and Nelson. 

Apart from them, 
are the rest of my lovely co-workers.

They were so friendly and I was extremely lucky
to have met them and got a chance
to work with them.

The pictures are taking
really long to upload here,
so I would just upload a few.

The company is again for
Azea Personal Coaching from Singapore.
And just to get a seat in here cost 
about RM3000+ per person.

I was extremely shocked at first,
but after the event, I thought that the money
they paid was worth it because of all the workshops,
talks and the training of the staff....


Everything was crisp and done in perfection.


The training itself took the whole day, literally !


All of us had to things in perfection.
... from the way we ran, the way we tend to people, 
admin, credit card handling.
Everything ! 


The credit card handling was tough for me.
I'm glad I was the photographer.
It was truly, an amazing experience.



After the event......

 My first cheque !

Part of the KL night scene.

Thank you to those who made 
this experience so memorable to me.


Also, I would like to thank Alina
for introducing this to me.


Other related photos....

LIKE the mirrors !


~ end ~


As humans....
We would always think
 that we are right.

There are always 2 sides of a story.

Although sometimes we tend to think
that we already know all of it ....

But the reality is,
we would never know a situation completely
unless we are there to experience it.

The outcome of it all....

Either we let go, or hold a grudge.



I have many things to say.
But I am going to simplify 
and make things short.


What I want to say most ......

I want to thank everyone 
that was involved in my birthday.
All of u made a difference.


It was the best birthday I daresay.
So I truly thank all of u 
from the bottom of my heart.



(Even the ones that came at midnight to surprise me.
 I don't have pictures of that, but U know who u all are) 


The pictures
shall do the talking =)


Thank u loves!