Wednesday, February 25, 2009

a vry belated valentine's post =)

It WAS valentine's day !
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
An extremely special day....
for certain ppl..

......... like.....
...... my best friend, Val =))
as it was her 17th birthday !

and me and my boo's first valentine's together !

On valentine's day,
my bro had this bouquet of roses.
which he brought from my friend John to his gf.

he handed it to me for me to hold
as he drove me to Lucas's house.

I was vry excited because >ahem<
I thought my boo would nvr give me flowers.

So while i was in the car,
I was like some jakun showing off the bouquet to
every single car
at the stoplight

and most of them actually stared. lol

I was already late when i arrived at his house.

I'm extremely horrified by dogs,
and my boo has two dogs
named Angel and Willy

Both dogs were barking at me like crazy.
i felt unwelcomed =_=
But everything washed away when
i saw my boo at the door smiling at me.

i just felt so happy.

We did not go to grand places,
like 1utama or curve etc,

We did not have an extravagant candlelight dinner
in an expensive formal restaurant.

But it did not matter a slightest bit to me,

because i don't care where i am....

I don't mind celebrating valentine's day at home

eating home cooked food or at a low cost place...

its not the prestigious venue, and the money,
but its the person whom u love and spend it with that matters...

and in my case,

..........its my boo, Lucas T.

So me and Lucas
spent valentine's day at his house =)

His parents took us
out for lunch at a restaurant
which reminded me of the "Garden"
in 1utama.
Lucas's family ordered some vry pricey eye catching food
something like that.......

i did not want any nice meal as they were paying for it
and i felt bad
so i settled for a bowl of Korean noodles.

his parents all went "huh????" "what???? Korean noodles???"

i was vry confused.

later did i know,
my meal came, .....

and it was like Maggi Mee...

i was like 'owh what the hell' in my head
i thought Korean noodles was like pan mee or lam mee etc

but not instant noodles =__=

i was embarrased.
but i ate anyway and it tasted good luckily.
i had a coconut stomoch after that...
i was so darn full that when i walked, i could feel my insides spilling

the car journey was no better.
my boo tried to make me feel better but his efforts failed..
i felt horrible.... so much pain.
my tummy hurt very badly that day.

anyway, skipping the lunch and tummy pains

i gave him a picture i drew

with a retarded frame which i hunted for the exact size as my drawing,
a handmade box which i spent the whole night doing

and milano cookies.

he gave me a shirt

and a key chain and ...............

last but not least,

2stalks of roses.

i was vry shocked he even considered it.
i did not expect it at all...... until his adorable mom said in the car
"lucas did u give alice the roses yet?"

i was laughing at his expression as he retorted back
"ya la ya la now no more suprise already"

we celebrated Val's birthday the next day.
it was a picnic event.
there was some miscommunication here and there
so i ended up eating ALOT that day

I ate a little with my parents.
and Val's mom gave me some awesome Ipoh noodles to eat.

it was vry nice in my opinion =) so i ended up eating ALOT.

I gave val a 'ceramic customise yourself pig money bank'
which she seemed happy about as she got to cuztomise it...

we gambled a little after that and headed for the park in Kiara.

we set up out mats on a slope overlooking the fountains
and we were eating spaghetti which was val's hard work

when she suddenly said
"hey look.... a clown!"

me, lucas and adrian all turned to see a guy

wearing this sign board which said "marry me" and at the back
"cheer me on"

it was definitely no clown but a sweet man doing a romantic proposal.

he had helium balloons tied on his hand as he walked
friends videocam-ing his every move.
i did not really bother to see what happened next
but val did, as she went to see who was his girlfriend.

she came back saying "she said yes" bla bla bla...

after our picnic, we packed our things and were walking
when the guy with the signboard came
from the other direction...

i looked at the bride-to-be then at the groom-to-be

and my mouth nearly fell to the floor,
as it was my cousin Jason !

what a small world

till i was lucky enough to even witness this
at such a coincedental timing.

i consider myself lucky =)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

time drags on when u miss the person u love

i'm supposed to blog about my life here,
but right now i wanna blog about my boo...
to assure him,

i'll be going for my follow up camp in a day's time.
we both know how much it hurts to be apart.

i know u have your mid-terms.
baby i have faith in you no matter what.

you've always been smart since i knew you...

Really shy... but

i know u were just in your hermit shell then ,

but right now...
oh my gawd u have changed so drastically.

you are NO more shy

and not the jerk i used to think you were... >oopx<

i'm sorry for misjudging you in the past.

you are so much higher from my expectations now.

and i love you more day by day.
it hurts to not see you for so long,
and i know it hurts u too..

but i just wanna let u know that you are
one of the best things that happened to me by far.
and u made me so happy...

u really changed me to be someone more cheerful

i used to fake a smile...
but now u brought the smile back to my face =)

you don't need to worry about anything ok.

my heart is yours and u know it.
you don't have to worry about a thing baby.


i love you Lucas Joshua <3>