Sunday, November 27, 2011

Girls !

Sometimes I kinda wonder whether if most girls are like me...
.....when it comes to shampoo, lotions etc.

Most girls want to smell good.
And as for me.... this is a must.

I like smelling these products from the shelf when I go shampoo shopping.
Something which I heard most guys do not do?
Is that true?

People always talk about inner beauty.
Give a thought about physical beauty.
I think it counts a lot too.

A survey conducted showed that girls love it when their man smells good.
I completely agree. Its a natural thing in my opinion.
Definitely a bonus point for you men out there whom take care of your hygiene.

My many shampoos, conditioners etc...
Most which I just collect or stopped using halfway.

My facial clenser, scrubs, contact lenses, hair texturizer etc.
(Thats my brother's shaver btw)

My many lotions and lipbalm sticks

I know my little stash is kinda little compared to some other people.
This post is inspired by another new conditioner I just bought...
It made me remember I had these pictures lying around.

Gosh I need the arms of my blanket and the comfort of my bed now.
Goodnight beautiful people !

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Food Pics Overload

I just again transferred more pictures from my phone.
As usual I'm blogging to avoid doing my assignments.
Very unhealthy. ~cough cough~

Speaking about unhealthy...
I realized that my eating schedule is also screwed.
Not to mention my sleeping timing.

I have been going out for tea a lot lately with my buds.
Buying junk food at 'Giant', tea at Secret Recipe, Starbucks etc.
Till when I get home, my bird stomach refuse to take in my dinner portions.

.....which therefore makes me really hungry at night.
which is when I begin hunting and scavenging for food around my house,
which in turns makes me FAT !.....(internally)...... (if that even makes sense)


These pics were taken on the 3.11.11 at Secret Recipe.
There was this protest going on outside.
Something about worker rights.

We were doing our presentations then,
and with these people screaming their lungs out
made it really difficult for us.


Spending quality time with my buds :D
With a warm cup of white coffee.


Starbucks on the 14.11.11
While the rain was pouring outside...
It was so heavy till we had to take a cab back to the train station.


And this was taken yesterday.
At Secret Recipe, weather was really bad. Its been raining A LOT !
We had delicious Creme Brulee cakes while CH had Durian cake.
As usual I had my milky white coffee.


My supper !
Hard  boiled egg of perfection and tom yam instant noodle.
Simple but good stuff. Taken last night at 1.55AM. :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Road Runner

I have been posting stuff here a lot lately.
Maybe its just an excuse for me not to do my work. haha.
Maybe its also cuz I just loaded the photos from my camera.

Here is one taken on the 9th October 2011.
It was taken right outside my house, right above my head.
My Facebook was spammed with these sightings.

I am a star gazing freak. I love looking at the nightsky.
Sometimes I feel as if I could just sleep under the stars.
Its a pity no one shares my obsession with me.

I would always ask my friends to look at the moon or stars
but usually they would just shrug it off or look for a moment, then say "ohhh"
hmphhh ! U guys don't know what ur missing !

Usually I only see this....

This halo however was HUGE !
It was magical. To those who missed it.....
Seriously... thats your loss. It was breathtaking.

Huge Huge Halo around moon taken outside my house.
I'm so glad we managed to capture a shot.

And finally,
Goodnite everyone.
3.42am...... a late usual  :)

Friday, November 11, 2011


Happy 11.11.11 everyone.
I had a good time.

Going college.
Hanging out with mates.
Chilling at Secret Recipe.
Walking back in the moonlight.
Photo Snapping with family....

Hope u had a memorable day too.

Cheers ;)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Hamster Post

Its 3.01AM now.
I am down with the nasty stomach flu.
I can't sleep at the moment, thought I will blog of something random.

I got my little hamster on the 7th of July 2011 at Pet Lovers Centre
after obsessing about it during my internship.
I kept google-ing hamster facts out of boredom.

I google-ed about hamsters EVERYDAY.
Therefore when I went shopping for hamster stuff...
Believe me, I knew my facts.......and I was glad I did.

I realised that the people working at the petshops are salesmen.
And being salespeople they kept promoting products even though
the product does no good to the hamster.

Food for instance.
They were promoting a mix which contains 80% sunflower seeds.
But after I bought the cage, it came with free food only to find out
that the food they gave me was mouldy and blackish in colour.

I even overheard the cashier whispering "Make sure you give her THAT food."
Yessss.....  "Thanks" for nothing 'Petsmore' at One Utama.
What a way to make a first impression.

I have not even got started about what they told me about cages and bedding.
But just a word of advice to those future newbie pet seekers.
KNOW your facts before u go pet supply shopping !


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ohhh sweettt bloggg

I hate it !
This is the second time I am retyping this post....
Don't ask....

I have a lot of pictures lying around my lappie.
I decided to share some on this lil site.

Internship with lovely people.
I met someone who was SOOO much like me !
Tall and thin, graphic Tees etc. She really understoond how I was feeling.
She felt like a sister to me :)

Messy Office ! My desk was stuffed with so much food which was illegal.
My boss would have sounded me if he saw it.
My curry puff mock up.
My lovely bf got me macaroons. First time I tried it that day
Zebra Crossing Clouds :)
Giving my 'name tag strap' and doll a wash 
I remembered the day where I was the only person on the train 

My 20th Birthday ! Priceless :)
Thank u thank u thank u all !
The sweetest picture I receieved.

Finally we went to I-City 

I wish I could upload more now...
But the particular photo sizes are hugeee and the upload is taking longer than I expected
I will leave it for another day.

Till then, take care :D

Friday, September 2, 2011


I came across these comics...
They are hilarious !
I had a good time laughing....

But since its late,
I would only put up a few :D

I love to snuggle up under my fresh blankets!

This happens to me ALL THE TIME !

ALWAYS happens...

ALWAYS happens....

I was like the cereal guy when I saw this ! LOL

Gnite ;)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sad Sight

I just had to blog something today...

So here it goesss....

I saw this old man while coming back from work.
The road was all jammed as usual at 6.30pm.
So this gave me a chance to whoop up my camera.

I felt so sad looking at him
pushing his heavy little stall
at his AGEEEE !

He's selling Rojak if I'm not mistaken.
Rojak by these Chinese old men are dying here in Malaysia.
As more and more foreigners are taking over the business.
Therefore, to taste authentic Rojak here is rare these days.

I don't know how far he had to push that thing
because where I was, (as you can clearly see..)
He had no chance in stopping anytime soon.

I was happy no one honked at him.
Especially the motorbikes.
Maybe they felt the same like I did?

He inspired me.
My msg to him in my heart as I drove pass him..
Be strong and Bless you =)