Saturday, September 26, 2009

holidays !

Hello hello.
S1T2 was a blast. I did think I could have done much better,
If it was not for my lazy backside.
I'm now in my new class Group B.

I have a lovely bunch of classmates.

vry vry family-ish and active ppl.

Unfortunately my old class had to be seperated to
accommodate the lack of teachers.
Seperated like a pizza slice. Random.But yea u get the point..

Its kinda crazy.
My English lecturer left for the UK.
The BM lecturer went psycho I think and just left.
And we... have to bear the consequence.

Thats alright, now me and my friends got to expand
our friendship circles. ^^

In only a span of a few months this year so far,
I have accomplished so much in my opinion.
many MANY first times stuff I did.
Some of it I of course regretted.
(Don't even get me started)

I actually wanted to post this in December.
But what the hell, I might as well post what i have accomplished so far here
right now =)

In January i got into my first ever relationship.
I put my full trust on this guy.

In my eyes, there was just him in the picture.
I had nvr done this FOR A GUY before so yes all this FIRST TIME.
Yup u guessed it. First heartbreak.

I accomplished mending back my many friendships
Having someone that controlled me
and not trusting me to go out with anyone really did
crack many of my friendships and made me want my freedom.

I'm glad i mended them back.

I accomplished getting over the hurt and the pain
without a rebound guy. (Its not worth hurting ppl in the end)

I accomplished getting out of depression.

I accomplished looking at the memories as a shadow of nothing-ness
without feeling pain anymore.

I accomplished going to places with significant meaning without shedding a tear.

I accomplished listening to rumours, that he left me for another girl
without feeling pain but pity for the girl.

I accomplished everything there is
which is related to getting over someone basically =__=

.........the only thing so far is Bitterness.
YES I am still bitter and therefore, I trash mouth him.
Just like how any one of u would trash mouth your first ex for leaving u for another guy/girl.

Yea oopx I take my word back... I guess I have not forgiven him entirely.

I accomplished
making many new friends in my class.

I accomplished many stuff in college(too much to blog about)

I accomplished being a mini model for my friend Aam x)

He's a great designer =) Akito, (the blonde one) too.

.........which ended up on the college's wall .

together with my group's colour study group work x)

......and also our charcoal works. Congrats to all. =)

My church was also asked to do a bit of charity.....
So I also accomplished doing a little bit of charity by being a performer
doing a multicultural dance to raise funds at a church in Subang.

I can't remember the choir's name...but its not local.
Their voices were like angels =)

I did not loose balance this time suprisingly so I
really enjoyed myself performing.
I also did many first time sports...
i planned a lot but did not have the guts to do some...
my best friend, Val, helped me achieve
something which I always wanted but was chicken to do......


Yes laugh all u want but i finally learnt how to swim at the age of 18 ^^

Lucky number 7 (First time on archery)


Guess what???
BAIT. ...........wondering why?

Prawn fishing =) My first time.

My lucky spot... I caught 5 prawns and got hit by a prawn for the first time in the face by val's accident of course. =__=

Prawn fishing also with friends after that on another day...
i ended up
0 catch.
damn it !

First time orbing too with Val.
(actual pic not with me)

sry i kicked your face val. >.<>

My first time to karaoke...seriously man... I was deprived from fun.

There are other stuff but obviously
i can't remember all of the fun stuff i did.
One thing for sure was,
there was alot of SHOPPING and hitting the cinemas.
Others include, pooling, sleepovers, baking,

basically going OUT with FRIENDS.

btw... found the perfect shades with val's help ;)

and recently during the mid autumn festival,
Seriously...u don't expect youths to be carrying lanterns...
We make fires ^^
and went for a night drive after that.

Its getting late.
I definitely have to catch up with some sleep.
Just came back from KL with friends again.

i won't know when will be the next time i blog.
hopefully more progress =)

Thursday, September 10, 2009


nono i realised my blog is so OUTDATED since my sad life phase.
time to change.
will blog when i'm free..... ^^