Thursday, October 21, 2010

Midnight post.

I am having the time of my life !

I am studying something which I'm interested in.

I don't care if people insult the designers here
 saying that we don't have a life, no future, etc.
 It pisses me off. Have some respect.

I don't care of if you are older than me...
If you don't respect me, I won't respect you. FULLSTOP.

Reality is, we are the creative ones who DARE to chase our dreams.

Most of us know the trials that we will face,
yet we still dare to follow our passion.

Without us designers,
I do not even wanna imagine
 how dull the world would be.

In conclusion,
Please have some respect.
You are older but that does not make u any wiser
 nor give u a right to put down and indirectly insult anyone.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

A "morning" post

Its 5 minutes to 3.30pm now.
And I just woke up awhile ago.


I was just told from my mother that she was going  to
throw away my primary school examination papers.

I went out to scavenge the pile of papers,
and there I found my English test paper


It was in the essay section with the title,
"If I were given 3 wishes, I would wish for........"



Excitedly, I quickly flipped the paper to the next page
to see what were my 3 wishes back then
during my childhood days.


What I read made me cringe in 
embarrassment !

My first wish was,
that I had a lot of money.... so that :
1.  I can buy a huge house for my parents.
2.  Save some for myself.
3.  Donations to the poor.
4.  Buy a car for my father.
5.  Buy a playstation.

My second wish was,
that I had a pet.....
and I wrote,
'My pet would probably be a dog because I like dogs.
When it gives birth, I would keep it and not give any to my neigbours.'

As for the 3rd and last wish,
I wrote,
'My third wish is that I would have a lot of food.
I wish for that because I am always hungry.'


To be honest, 
I don't remember writing any of that.
My 3 wishes now are so completely different from
how it was  back then.


But somehow, I still thought it was rather cute.


I also had a minor heart attack to see
how my primary school looked now.

I got these pictures from the internet.
I have not seen my school for  7 years.


This was something like
 how it looked like before I left.

and after.....


I'm jealous !
It was not as renovated and nice the last time
when I was schooling there. 


Gtg now. Byeee ^^