Thursday, June 24, 2010


My homework list.

1) 3 Photoshop Assignments and 1 Final Assignment
2) Fold 2 fancy boxes and 2 mock ups to prepare.
3) Re-shoot for photography assignment
4) 2 more poster designs for AmBank
5) A 300 word essay and a presentation.

80% of it is due next week.

I'm giving up the internet when I come home.
I'll only play games in college from now.
Sometimes u wonder, why I'm so busy ,
Welcome to the design line.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daddy =')

I know I may not have been
the best daughter.

I get angry when I'm stressed.
I shout at u, and u would tell me later,
how hurt u were .....

Sometimes I fail to see,
the sacrifices which u have made
just for me.

It makes me smile, when I think
of the things which u try and do
to make me happy.

Remember the time
when u told me to choose
any handbag I want at Pavilion ?

Well I did not cuz;

I don't like spending and using
YOUR money.

I did not like most of the bags I saw,
although u took me to so many shops.

I know your love language is by giving gifts.
U show your love, by giving gifts,
although sometimes I would prefer
that u spend more time with me......

I can't change that...
So I'll appreciate it.

Yes I know u are impatient.
Want things quick.
May have a trouble with your ego.
and other negative stuff..

Sometimes I get really hurt too.

But no matter what happens,
U'll always be my daddy and I would
always love u, forever and always....

....although I know u make your
share of mistakes......


For this Father's day,
I dedicate this song to u.

Butterfly Fly Away,
Miley Cyrus ft Billy Ray Cyrus.

The lyrics are applicable..
to your sacrifices,
and also, your love....

Thank u,
for your love dad.
Happy Father's Day.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

screw blogger ? well.....

Well this changes everything.
When I tried blogging through my PC,
there were no problems....

But with my laptop,
I can't shuffle the pics around.

I guess its not Blogger which
is in the wrong then.
My bad.

From now on,
I won't blog using my lappie.


I'm getting ready for bed.
And by that, I just finished
bathing etc... yea yea I know its late.


That does not mean I'll fall sick that easily.
I have taken all the precautionary
such as:

HOT bath
NO aircon

has anyone heard of the
'The Lost World of Tambun' ?

I'll be going there really soon
to celebrate my little bro's birthday.
And the brochure of the place was not bad.

Its like Sunway Lagoon
but BIGGER and looking at all the
activities there, set my adrenaline pumping.

At first I was thinking,
what kind of name was Tambun?

isn't that the place in Ipoh
where it is famous for pomelos?

I did not know that such a place
could have such an attraction.

I can't wait to go.
The thing is, I did wish I had better company.
The only ones which are confirmed going
is my family....

how sad.

And my little brother is a freakin COWARD !

He's scared to go on a slide and
when water enters his eyes,
he'll practically go MAD and start
screaming like a complete mad man !

Me and my elder bro
would just back away slowly and say
"Owh himmm? nah we don't know that dude"

I have more to blog and
talk about actually but its getting late.
Got to get my hair dry and get some sleep.

Will catch up over here soon.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Guess what?
I have a &^%$#
tummy ache.

I don't know what the ^&%& I ate.
But I'm pissed off cuz
I'm finding it so hard to do my work.


Let's see what I ate....

I had the most horrible piece of
FRIED chicken chop !

When I dug my knife into it,
oil spilled out like a volcano erupting.
I ate it at some Penang restaurant in Ou......
I hope that restaurant gets bankrupt.

I had Japanese chicken rice.
I ordered it at some Kopitiam.

This chicken was FRIED again !
FRIED using the same style,
and the colour of the chicken
was not golden brown....

It looked like old, stale chicken,
I'm telling u, it was like a piece of shit !
The taste was "lagi hebat"

am I gonna eat Japanese Chicken rice again !

My dad called me and said he was in

When I heard that, I begun screaming
I'd rather eat nothing !

But in the end he brought back
McD fish fillet....

I was forcing myself to eat it
and also the damn fries.....
I'm so freakin phobiatic of fried stuff right now.

After that meal,
my tummy ached
like $%^*$*( !!!!!!!!!!!

I went to the toilet (did not work)
I tried to sleep (did not work)
I tried to force myself to puke (too scared)
I tried applying oil..... (and I feel a bit better)

(which is why I can even blog now)

screw FRIED chicken
and FRIED fish fillets.

Crap. My stomach is beginning
to hurt again !


Friday, June 4, 2010

A change?

To be honest,
I'm embarrassed because of the
state of my blog.......

I mean just look at it.

To be honest,
its quite pathetic cuz I've been writing here
for years yet I have nvr really renovated it.

which is why, as u can see,
its quite empty and blank
and BLANK.

unlike my friend's blogs which
have links, cbox, mp3 players etc.

I might close down this blog soon
and create a new one.

But someone please teach me
how to insert links, and all those gadgets.

I tried reading the tutorial
but with a question mark on my face.
I just don't understand it.

Which means I'll upload my
photography pics in my future blog instead of here.
(if i have one)

Probably by the end of this year of earlier.

okie thats all.
Apart from that, gotta thank Val
for inviting me to go P&W !