Tuesday, June 30, 2009

just right now

hmmm i just came back from the senior youth camp a day ago...
i'll blog about it someday or not at all depending on my mood.
now i'm just depressed heck i don't know why...
dono whats wrong with me.
feeling sucky now.

bloody hormones hopefully,
maybe i'm too sensitive...
i need words of reassurance...not getting it... =___=

i feel so distant from someone i love
was sad the whole day.........does not seem to care or know... sigh

i think its just me.............arhhh whatever......stupid pms !

Monday, June 15, 2009


I was sick a couple of times and my friend
went to the shops below my college alone to get herbal candy
for me.
I was so touched... thanks Daphne =))

I received the cutest mouthwash from the doctor's (its to kill germs..i don't have bad breath)

It has been ages since i last blogged.
My course is just amazing.
It is everything i had ever wanted,
though it is stressful and tough.

The exhibition was interesting as it was the first time
I stepped into an art gallery.
It was also the first time i rode a train that long, which was to KLCC.

The lecturers in my college are good.
though some strict, some crazy and some just annoying.
I really enjoyed my first semester.
I feel so lucky that i had a group of supporting classmates.

All of them felt so family to me.
Even when i gave presentations, i felt so comfortable.
They are all smiles and are so encouraging.

My circle of friends are even more awesome.
We are all so alike...
Now i know why we ended up doing arts.
Most of us are random, imaginative, funny
and we shared so many similar experiences.
I cherish their friendship.it was really a miracle that i met them
as so many ppl in my class speak a language
which i don't know how to speak.

At the last day of college was quite a bang....
It was so stressful.
All the homework and assignments were due then.
I slept at 5.45 woke up at 7am
and dashed to college just to figure out that my exam was in the afternoon.

So i went to the library and phoned my dad to ask him to fetch me home.
I talked to the librarian there.He's such a funny man really.
A few mins later,all my friends begun pouring into the library.
I was so confused but they said they came early to do their hw.

So basically i phoned my dad for no reason.
As i had the company of friends to pass time with me.arhhhh.
I went home anyway and while walking out of college,more of my friends
begun to come,waving hi byes.
And i kept on cursing in my head cuz i was the odd one going home.

I went home for a nap and i overslept... #$%^&
Rushed to college, set up my aisle and begun drawing like shit for my final piece.
The final outcome was lower than my expectation...
sigh, Guess i gotta practice more at home.
My friends works were all so amazing, it left me speechless.

Coming back from college was even "greater"
I was so happy that college was over and was in a rush to get home,
that i tripped and fell at the side of the curb slamming my head on the metal fence.
My head took most of the impact and also my shoulder.
The rest of my body was fine.
My head still hurts now.
But who cares,my break begins.
some of my wounds

I remembered the previous weeks
when i stepped on a puddle of chocolate ice cream and smashed my toenail on an uneven surface and
nearly got hit by a bloody taxi,car and a lorry.

But thats only the downside.

I had many upsides which are too many to list down.
One of it was holding umbrellas in the rain and laughing and joking
with my friends while walking to the train station.

My life so far is good =)
I have amazing friends and a special precious boyfriend.
They play such an important role to what i am today.
And i thank them truly for everything.

mum's sketch on herself and my dad ^^

my sketch before i went college ^^

my first sketch in college. so difficult.
the details on the wood took me ages to do

some of my sketches...

and my work..this is for the Nando's competition

my friends works.

my group's hanging mobile in the making.

whee ^^

the other group works. and thats my lecturer =)

drawing practice...my view on what to draw.

some of my charcoal works

and pencil sketches...