Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The few days before college starts...............

Before the stress of college life begins,
I've been happily appreciating every single second
and moment
of my honeymoon months.

like spending time with my best friend...

At the Korean barbecue with val

And my boo

Things are close to perfection.

From going to the movies together,
to the church camp,

To the spm result day,

to meeting up with my old friends,

To taking the 5 hour boring talk for driving,
in a place all made from wood.

I remember the shock me and val had when we reached there.
The van doors were drawn open
and all we could see was lalang grass everywhere, rusted steel, dirt road,
zinc roofs,wooden flooring,ceiling,
everything ....

We were in the middle of Kayu Ara for pete's sake.
i have not taken my undang, but I will soon...

Right now I'm trying to decide which college to go...

I'm still undecided

Though i know which course i want to take.
Because of my field of interest,
the pay would be not mighty awesome.
Well, i have grown to believe that if one does something he enjoys
and has the passion for,

work will never be a chore nor a burden.

More research awaits me.

Through all this happening and preparations before my college starts,
I realized that i have been drifting away from church.

Crap !

I'm trying to get back,
but somehow when my friends invite me to go to church etc etc
on whatever that relates to God
i noticed that on that particular day,

something would happen that would make me not go.
i'll always be busy busy busy.

Sucky for me because i enjoy going to church.......... I don't know whats happening to my schedule.

I'm going to do something to my hair soon i think if i have time.

i wanted to highlight it mahogany.

but my bf said it looks lala.
not that i will listen to his judgments,crushing my hopes or anything....
i begun to think that when i dye it,
i would need to touch up the roots,
when my baby hair begins sprouting.

So that part of my dream is gone.

then another crazy idea popped in,
i wanted to cut in short....

maybe not the usual common bob cut

maybe to my shoulders or something,

i begun to realize many people are having that hairstyle now,
especially my relatives.

>>>snip snip>>>>>>>>>>>SNAP>>>>>>

that part of the dream is gone.
so the final outcome..............

well........thats a secret ^^

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