Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Unsung Hero.

Here's to the heroin that gave me life.
Here's to the heroin that was so patient with me,

Whom :
Clothed and fed me,
Bought  me bears,
Changed my diapers,
walked me to school,

Sung me songs every morning,
thought me so much about life,
Hugged me when I cried,
Hears my blab stories ALL the time,
Patience was the key....

Patience and so much love....
Nothing I do can repay all that u have done for me.

I feel so blessed that God sent u to me as my mother...

The heroin that is the closest person to me...
Here's to her that is and forever will be my best friend.
Happy Mother's Day.
I will forever cherish and remember your love for me.

I love u mom !!!

.......gosh she's cool..... xD

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