Sunday, August 31, 2008

sunday merdeka(evening)

well the fonts are crazilly huge again....sorry. i dono why it can't shrink no matter how hard i tried

okayyyy things are quite boring at the moment
in the morning i went to church.
and SOMEONE AHEM told me that she was imagining Jesus and the divine mercy when suddenly out of no where...

the image of THE LOVE GURU

popped our replacing the head of Jesus...
she told me it was not intentional...LOL

friends wished me happy bday and u know what really annoyed me
this year?

its the fact that many ppl are texting me and they don't write their names
so i'm clueless and i can't be asking 'who are u?' cuz i don't have enough credit

more shocking my close friends forgot my birthday !!!!! well only 2 actually
but i'm still hurt hmmph
as for my used to be close friends.... well its obvious they did not wish me

in fact i think they are cursing me

since today's my bday...i won't fight fact i'll bless them like the Bible asked =)

the lowdown on what going on now is that well....

~father's watching and snoring in front of the tv

~bro's snoring in his room after talking to his gf.

~mom is well......snoring in her room sssshhhhh

basically.... the tv is a magic harp that gets my whole family to sleep every sundays
even if its my bday...that can't be helped...lolx.(they really are sleeping by the way ^__^)

~by the way tweet tweet...there's a dead chic in my tree. maybe i'll fry it

~gtg gotta save m
y 17th birthday before its over =)

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