Wednesday, February 18, 2009

time drags on when u miss the person u love

i'm supposed to blog about my life here,
but right now i wanna blog about my boo...
to assure him,

i'll be going for my follow up camp in a day's time.
we both know how much it hurts to be apart.

i know u have your mid-terms.
baby i have faith in you no matter what.

you've always been smart since i knew you...

Really shy... but

i know u were just in your hermit shell then ,

but right now...
oh my gawd u have changed so drastically.

you are NO more shy

and not the jerk i used to think you were... >oopx<

i'm sorry for misjudging you in the past.

you are so much higher from my expectations now.

and i love you more day by day.
it hurts to not see you for so long,
and i know it hurts u too..

but i just wanna let u know that you are
one of the best things that happened to me by far.
and u made me so happy...

u really changed me to be someone more cheerful

i used to fake a smile...
but now u brought the smile back to my face =)

you don't need to worry about anything ok.

my heart is yours and u know it.
you don't have to worry about a thing baby.


i love you Lucas Joshua <3>


ALINA said...

i wanna see pictures! =D

Alice L. said...

ok i'll post more. haha