Monday, February 2, 2009

january january =)

ok firstly,
i lost my pathetic maid
which makes me the maid of the house.

if any of u are wondering what I'm doing these days,
since i have not started my college which starts in April,

well basically,...
I'm the maid of the house... in a way
cuz i seldom exercise and this is a real workout for me.

other than that,
i draw draw draw....
because i want to get ready for my course, graphic design which would most probably be at the PJCAD, 'pj college of art and design'

i draw abstract, and things which i visualize in my head

Most ppl think i can't do it,
but i know i can

i know i have no art classes but when i learn,
i know i can.

and I'll prove them all wrong.

I know God's grace is with me.
He'll back me up when no one does.
He'll be there for me when everyone leaves me.
He has, and always would be important in my life.

on the 31st of :

many events occured.. =)
i was invited to a futsal match with my "love and life" buddies

i wld have went if it was not for my bf's bbq party...
given these 2 vry tempting choices,
i'd rather be with my guy and get to know his family more

so off i went

it was great. his mum was an awesome cook
his dad's garden was blooming with orchidS while the orchid in my house
is dying =__=

willy the dog was adorable.
he reminded me
of a tamed sheep
or a walking carpet
he was so wooly soft like cotton candy.
simply adorable in every way

(although i was scared in the beginning)

my guy was no doubt ADORABLE in my eyes
he was wearing my cookie monster shirt i bought for him in Thailand pictures...he's camera shy?
~~~~~elmo's mine =))

but his parents snapped a picture of us.....shit !
i bet i'll look hideous
it was his sisters bday...
they are triplets by the name of Natasha,Nicole and Natalie
they were vry nice.
i gave them candy.
its nothing much but, its the thought that counts.

after that, i went for my old best friend's slumber vry vry belated birthday party at Sierramas,Sg Buloh.

~~~~~~thats her....happy belated birthday Jaslynn ! =)

holy cow! the houses were crazily huge there...
we watched the thailand horror film "phobia"
with a projector thing in the music room with so many music instruments it left me gawking

i cuddled next to Sarah wishing Lucas
was by my side
but HE WAS NOT !
it was scary
, we were screaming our lungs out.
we had fun and wow it brought back a rush of nostalgia
to our carefree childhood.

Jaslynn suddenly unwrapped my present
and my mind was racing
as i tht she'll hate my present
but wow she liked it alot ^^
she thought it was vry cute.....
a file with picture of cupcakes.

We went MATTRESS SLIDING after that from her attic.
and GAWD the stairway was so @#$%^&*( steep,
a friend i newly met there 'Soya' went first
and she was all cool about it
so i tht i wld be fine .....

~~~it's not THAT narrow... not THAT steep but the stairs from the attic are usually understandably steep and LONG.

i was so excited as i jumped on trying to push the heavy mattress to the edge
Sarah and Jas said"don't scream ok? u don't want to wake 'them'(Jaslynn's parents)" while Daniel said"hold on!"

as i slid down, i nearly got a heart attack.
it felt as if my heart was falling and got into my throat.
i cld not even scream !
it was bad but so awesome i liked the adrenaline rush

during Ellena's turn Daniel said "u don't have to hold tight ok.just relax" while ellena was going down halfway
so she let go and she slid off the mattress

and she was sliding down the stairs with her bum.
shit! that was INSANELY funny !!!!!!!

wow and in a blink of an eye,
the next day came and it was my cousin's reunion dinner
i donno what was up with me...
i was so moody
pms-ing i guess
i was happy then moody...just like a roller coaster
so sry if i upset anyone at all
it was my hormones =__=

the food was great
it was so good and i ate till i cld eat no more

we played poker after that

with my cousins and niece and nephew.
when i came home, fragments of twigs,cotton and tape
from the bird nest from my little tree lay scattered on the floor.
the work from my pesky pest brother of mine
in search of eggs.
i was furious.

well thats basically it...
msg'ed my boy after that etc etc
but i don't wanna blog so much about that....

its private.

~Thats it for now, for January =) ~

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