Thursday, February 11, 2010

True Friends...

I'd like to tell u guys a little bit
about the history of
my previous friendships.

At a young age,
I was sent to a babysitter
with my brother.

My babysitter had 3 children.

2 boys and 1 girl.

When I was there,

I was bullied a lot
as far as I can remember.

They left me out in games

and even if they allowed me
to play "Lego" with them,

they gave me the character

of the ugliest beggar
they referred as the 'pokai' character.

Which in canthonese I think it means
(pennyless dude)
(I'm not sure)

(except its not the following image above but i'm sure u get the point)


I was usually alone there
and the only kindness I got
was from my babysitter herself and her daughter.

I guess it effected me in a way

because I liked being alone then.

Even in junior high...

I liked sitting near the slide
eating my lunch alone

......while my friends played

at the section where the swings were.

Ok if i tell u about my whole life then

it won't even fit this, so,

I'll skip it to
my friendship after I left junior high.

In conclusion for the friendships I made,

I'm not close to them now....
My interests have changed
and so has my life.


Cuz we did not keep in close contact.

We only saw each other like
after 3 years

So I left secondary with

the same concept which was to only vist
my friends after 3 months or 1 month

(not 3years la).



My best friend, Val really woke me up
cuz that was the
wrong thinking concept.

But of course there were arguments

about this matter to a point where
I did not talk to her
for a long while.

The argument was cuz

she said we should meet up at least
3 times
in a month or at least once.

and my argument was

I'm so busy with college and my bf (ex)
so I thought she was insane.

sorry honey

But now when I look back....

She is right....

If I had used my "concept",


So I thank U Val !
Love u loads

I'm glad we keep in contact every week.

.....Or else we would not even be here.

U are the only one that understands me the most.
U will also definitely BE my maid of honour.


We'll make it there someday .