Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's coming again !

concerning this topic...

There's only two kinds of ppl,
when Valentine day approaches.

1st Group.

2nd Group

The Lovers.


I have been through both...
I'm not gonna talk so much
because I'm not an expert anyway...

I will explain it in
MY point of view.


To those
single men / ladies,

don't hate to get out of the house =)
Awwww come on...

To me,Valentine is just a another day but is only
made special just so that couples
can do special things for each other.

(or when one confesses his/her love etc)

When u are in a relationship,
I'm sure u would surprise your love
with something sweet once in a while.

(ok maybe not that surprised)

But to those conservative ones
who seldom do so, they would choose
Valentine's for that special day.

So don't feel sad about it
or get jealous. You'll find your other half
so enjoy your singlehood =)

In my opinion,
I'd rather be single for a period of lets say 2 years,
than to be in a relationship for 2 years with
all the arguments and hurt.


Now for the Love birds,

I can't say much.
I guess just enjoy it

and stop plastering a
huge perverted smile on your face to the
ppl who have no dates

and give them a look which says,
"I've got my guy/girl.....where's yours?"
(This statement is for some ppl not all)

What comes around goes around
and karma would come right back at u
and scoop your eye balls out to those mean ones.

I've been out the whole day.
Dead tired now.
~ Gnite ~

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