Thursday, April 15, 2010

The issue with students majoring design....

All in the name of design.

10.08 pm now and I'm still not
doing my assignments....

My brain has literally shut down.

I might be going a little crazy.

Being hot and cold with my moods.

Am I
crazy ?
mean ?
No social life ?
Neglecting ppl ?

Then I switch on MSN,
and I see all my college
friends in one column.

Do u want to know what we ALL HAVE IN COMMON?


Its the shout out caption !
All of us would post a shout out like

"Work Work Work when would it stop?"
"My hands are numb"


All of us seemed so stressed out,
that I myself feel pity for them
and myself.

Design students, if they want to succeed,
have to give up
their social life,
or be awesome at
time management planning.

I have tried balancing
my social life....


I'm so disappointed with myself
for not getting my target goal mark.

to my non design friends,
PLEASE learn to understand this.

I may be so mean,
so moodless,
so dead in spirit,
so busy,

but just wait till I get used to all this
a little more....

Hopefully I'll be a better person
and not neglect
CHURCH and my friends.

Finally, to all my friends at PJCAD ,
We can go through this together !


kit said...

One day, you'll be speaking Internet language as refined as mine. Let's chat PSP style one day. Example of verbal communication:-

kit:- "Hey, H-W-R-U?"
you:- "GG, N-T-2-Bad. Wut-aboot-u?
(goes on)

Alice L. said...

nahh no worries.
It won't get that bad.