Sunday, April 25, 2010

Edited =)

I said I will edit this post and I will

Its late

and my homework
is very incomplete....

I could have swore I managed
my time well....

But I'm wrong....
I spend too much time on photography.

I went driving today
and got into an accident ...

and nahhhh...
it was not that bad anyway.

It was not my fault either as the
other student reversed real fast
and knocked my car.

I'm glad my instructor did not choke on his cigarette.

He went out to take a puff
and U should have seen his face when
he heard the sound.

( nah scrub of the bitch wording.
my driving instructor is awesome )

I was flapping my arms
like a chicken screaming stop.
Gawd I feel absolutely pathetic.
(becuz I could I have hit the hon)

Will take my driving test probably in June.

I'll upload a
few of my work on what
I'm doing on the next post or so.


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