Friday, January 21, 2011

I just like observing....

This post is about how irritating people can  be on Facebook.
No offence if it applies to u...
Its strictly my opinion. 


Number 1.
Stupid Senseless Statuses.
What is up with statuses like 
"Hello =)", "Good Morning", "I am about to sleep now. hahaha"

Its irritating.... and these people actually post it EVERYDAY....

Number 2.
This is a follow up to the one above.
Male puppies !

I wonder have they ever really realised how pathetic they look to others...
Commenting on pretty girl statuses although the status which she posted
is totally senseless, something like "hello=)"

U can see these male puppies running after her.
Commenting and liking her status replying
"Hello" "Hello".  

Sometimes these pretty girls would  post something like;
"I hate having cough during exams"
And then these nut brains would comment "Why?".
WHY???? WHY ELSE??? She's sick !

It literally ruffles my feathers up, down, left, right to see their fake stupidity.
To be honest no one gains anything.
The guy is just gonna remain a puppy, and the girl, becomes more proud
having so many "fans"

Number 3
Same angled poses.

OK I'm kidding here.
I meant the face =D

U don't have to create so many albums of your face.

We are not gonna open every single photo and play
'Spot the Difference'. 
I'm not insulting people who camwhore.

I do that too...
But really those of u that take only one side of your face....
U are beautiful. Just pump in more confidence.
Despite taking the best angle of your face,
don't neglect the other side  =(

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