Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm Chinese

Therefore, Happy Chinese New Year
to all my readers and have an 
awesome New Year.

Usually I would frequently come across
statements like : 
"This year sucked ! 2011 please be kind to me" 
"Fcuk 2010, Bring in the new year".
"Sob, something happened... 2011 sucks !!!"

U screwing the new year or cursing it is not gonna make a difference,
if u are not gonna do SOMETHING about it.

I believe that happiness is in our hands.
Everything we do... We choose how we wanna feel..
either to be sad or happy.

Of course some things are out of our control.
But we can either choose to sit and sob  about it or move on.
Some things in life are meant to teach u something.

At least look back and say,
'Hey I learned something from this'.

Recently also... in accordance to my statement,
I ordered coloured contact lenses from my friend.

This is her blogshop, selling contact lenses, CLOTHES, bags etc ;D

Its my FIRST TIME trying out coloured lenses
and I'm trying it on out of pure curiousity.

I have wanted to try them out for years but I couldn't
because coloured lenses are not available for eyes with astigmatism.

And one of my eye is astig.
So if i wear coloured lenses for one eye,
I would probably look like 'The Terminator'.

Anyway screw (cuz I'm so curious).... I bought em anyway.
I chose the most natural looking lenses in terms of the design (not colour)
I did not pay attention to the size of the contact lenses at all until after I got it.
(because I did not notice.....I was looking more for the design)

I was so excited !
Alright and theeeeen....
.........................................opening it...

They come in little canisters 
and I killed my fingernail just trying to open the WHITE COVER =(

After I got it off...
I broke the metal............... unfortunately
and yess i cut myself by accident =(

I had to use PLIERS in the end and I severed my fingernails
as i was so excited yet devastated when it was right in my hands
but I couldn't get it open...

So I had to You Tube a tutorial
therefore the second canister
opened successfully =D

So yes I learned my lesson.

THERE....its not rocket science.
Feedbacks when I wore it....
My mom said I looked possessed.
My bro said I looked like a cat.
My father thought I was crying.
My brother was asleep.
Screww I still think they are awesome ^^
so thanks Danielle !!! x)

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