Friday, March 18, 2011


I must have been crazy to some people 
to have done this....


Did you know,
that sleepiness to a certain extent
is equivalent to being tipsy and a little drunk?

I have been experiencing these sleepy/drunk spells
since I was stressing on assignments the previous night.


OK anyway, I was at the train station
where I spotted a Fashion No No..


The moment I saw him.....
I exploded in laughter...
(bear in mind I was kinda "drunk")

Well I guess I had nothing better to do...
cuz I was trying so hard to take his picture
without him beating me up or something.

I he walked up the stairs...
I he queued up for a train ticket.
I he came pass the ticket slot-in.

Oh and btw, I was hiding behind an advertisement sign.
The reason why I decided to post this is purely for humour.

No offence though,
if you think this look is fashionable or.......nice......
.....Anyway, here it goes ^^

Can you see?
Please forgive me as the photos are all blur.
I was trying to act "natural" yet trying to contain my excitement.

This is the clearest picture of the lot.
I only chose 2 pictures to be posted.

He looks like a prisoner !!!
Thats basically what made me laugh.
I have never seen such an outfit.

I can't imagine why he did not see that
when he bought that outfit.

Well if you think I'm rude or mean by snapping his picture,
then I'll apologize first.
But still, I laughed my head off that day.

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