Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sad Sight

I just had to blog something today...

So here it goesss....

I saw this old man while coming back from work.
The road was all jammed as usual at 6.30pm.
So this gave me a chance to whoop up my camera.

I felt so sad looking at him
pushing his heavy little stall
at his AGEEEE !

He's selling Rojak if I'm not mistaken.
Rojak by these Chinese old men are dying here in Malaysia.
As more and more foreigners are taking over the business.
Therefore, to taste authentic Rojak here is rare these days.

I don't know how far he had to push that thing
because where I was, (as you can clearly see..)
He had no chance in stopping anytime soon.

I was happy no one honked at him.
Especially the motorbikes.
Maybe they felt the same like I did?

He inspired me.
My msg to him in my heart as I drove pass him..
Be strong and Bless you =)

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