Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ohhh sweettt bloggg

I hate it !
This is the second time I am retyping this post....
Don't ask....

I have a lot of pictures lying around my lappie.
I decided to share some on this lil site.

Internship with lovely people.
I met someone who was SOOO much like me !
Tall and thin, graphic Tees etc. She really understoond how I was feeling.
She felt like a sister to me :)

Messy Office ! My desk was stuffed with so much food which was illegal.
My boss would have sounded me if he saw it.
My curry puff mock up.
My lovely bf got me macaroons. First time I tried it that day
Zebra Crossing Clouds :)
Giving my 'name tag strap' and doll a wash 
I remembered the day where I was the only person on the train 

My 20th Birthday ! Priceless :)
Thank u thank u thank u all !
The sweetest picture I receieved.

Finally we went to I-City 

I wish I could upload more now...
But the particular photo sizes are hugeee and the upload is taking longer than I expected
I will leave it for another day.

Till then, take care :D

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