Thursday, February 9, 2012

Today I shall blog about.....


I have been obsessed with these drinks for the past year !
It has replaced my Starbucks 'walk and drink' moments.

Starbucks really burnt a hole in my wallet.
I hear that Starbucks in places like America are cheap stuff.
Well over here, people see Starbucks as luxury.. Literally !
becuz its just so damn expensive here...
Bubble tea and other Taiwanese desserts have recently become very popular here. Cafes like Gong Cha and Chatime are the most popular outlets so far for bubble tea addicts like me and places like Snowflake (which serve Taiwanese desserts) have also been attracting long queues.

I tried this.
I really liked the sweet potato, taro, and black pearls ONLY.

I am a fan of anything with MILK !
So I guess for me, I prefer bubble milk teas
over these yummy desserts.

As you can seeee....
I drink bubble tea A LOT (but only the milky flavours)
But thankfully, this addiction has been broken.

Currently I'm addicted to Hot Chocolate. 
I drink em about like 5 times a week. But unlike bubble tea, THIS I don't feel guilty because cocoa contains loads of antioxidants and I don't really add a lot of sugar.

Wheeee alright.
Gonna retreat to my cocoon now !
3.11AM goodnite :D

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