Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine 2012

Its bloody late !!! But I can't help it... I have to say this...
I have not slept... Therefore I am not done with this day...
Valentine's Day :)

Valentine's day to me is not about the most expensive bouquet or dinners.
Its not about giant teddy bears, chocolates or the gifts...
Its about that lovely person whom holds your heart.
Thank you for accompanying me throughout this day and all the time Loh Chia Hou !
I shall cherish it always. Thank u for the present u gave me too. It may not be an expensive bouquet of pathetic flowers (which dies extra fast...especially in this heat). But yours came from your heart and effort and u have no idea how much I like it.

Anyway, I hope all of u had an equally amazing valentine too.
I know I did ;)


A Wacko said...
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A Wacko said...

Awwww~ sniff...touching... Me too...I super dooper whooper LOVE the present tooooo! <3 (lol for the flowers part) xP