Thursday, December 18, 2008


my games group, 'moses the great'

i just came back from
one of the most awesome things that happened to me this year
which is............

the camp 'love and life'

no words can be used to describe the feelings i felt
here's the conclusions to all my church camps i attended so far ;

FGA camp - good but the people i met were damn unfriendly (ruined my image of the camp)

SIC rally - VERY good... in fact my bro converted religion because of this camp

KAYM camp - the camp with the best company and the laughing moments we shared were priceless. very very good

CONFIRMATION camp in melaka - the BEST camp i attended. i got touched to the max by God. need an explanation on what happened just ask me.

and finally.

LOVE AND LIFE - the camp that i'll miss the most... best experience =)

~~~~~~~~~~~~the place IJ convent where it is conducted =)(it looks MUCH nicer inside)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ the view as we were on a hill
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~this is Kevin Koh.he's the first guy i met at camp.

~~~~~~~~~~~~i like his smile. haha. he always elbows my thigh.... its vry geli >_< ~this is samuel and claire. i took sam's slipper during a game and claire's in my games group.

~~~~~~~~~errrr this is my bro philip. i had to crop myself.i looked hideous here.
~~~~~~~~he seriously reminds me of my cat =)
~~~~~~~~~~~that person, is my mortal, bryan... i did my best to be his angel during the game

~~~~~~~~~alice , steph ong, claire
~~~~~~~~~~~caryn,amelia,me,and FLORENCE

~~~~~~~~~this was what the ppl were doing on the last day
~~~~~~~~~~~~during malam ria

~~~~~~~~~~the theme was movie night.i cld not dress up as dakota cuz i played a mean girl in my act.
~~~~~~~~~~florence's group - abraham
~~~~~~~~~~~~~me and my wonderful mom
~~~~~~~~during my act with 'kupusamy'

~~~~~Introducing philip,me,anthony,steph,sapna,claire,patrick,kath

~~~~~~~~~~singing the song for the last time
~~~~~~~~~~but we still had lots of fun

overall it was great
i miss camp
i miss my friends
i also miss my guy
who's asleep now.................
sorry pwince i reply u so late =(
and to my best friend val


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florence said...

alice!! fyi, the guy who took pic with Claire is not samuel, he's daniel!!! btw, AWESOME post!!