Friday, January 2, 2009

the old times, the new year

all those sweet memories

2008 has finally come to an end
it would always remain as one of the most memorable year.
one of the reasons are, because......
i had an awesome best friend, valerie =)

we had been through so much together throughout the dramas
our class had to throw at us and more

she thought me so many things...

like being brave and standing up for myself
i would not be who i am without her
she even dragged me to try new stuff like the
BU4 idol singing competition

i thought we could not win and it was useless
but she forced me
and suprise suprise
in the end we won 1st runner up
i was dumbfounded
i nvr regretted joining the competition with her

she's awesome and the ppl that don't think this...
i guess u don't understand her and are missing out.

not to forget.............

the lovely ppl i met

and for all the other angels like kin kit, nick kew, khai lone,john lee,my church besties..... thank you.

and the suprise parties my church besties threw for one another

the sneaky pictures i took

not to forget my lovely family



my brothaaar vincent

my brothaaar dickson

priceless memories

spent together

the pranks we played

my bro's masterpiece

my little bro's masterpiece

mom's masterpiece

the christmas pyjamas i bought for her(she was not vry happy)

the snails we killed together

....and ate

the laugh's me and my frens had about terry

the obscene chicken

the scary dog near my bro's car

the insects i caught

the insects i killed

lake behind my house

not to forget my rockin kick ass camp LOVE AND LIFE

sigh..........all those sweet,sweet,memories
will nvr be forgotten

and thennnnnnn..........
on a very fateful night...

i met someone so awesome ....

it was during my birthday on merdeka

he was..................

as in,i nvr knew he wld be the one....i tht he was taken. so i did not talk to him...

but oopx i was wrong...

IS his name

he saved me from my emptyness... i was happy up a notch ever since

he loves the nightsky as much as i do =)

princess and prince

he's my secret valentine, my all

i remember the effort i spent on his birthday present on xmas

love blossoms

and now my heart is incomplete without him

my masterpiece

he always jokes about killing himself...pfft obviously,i'll nvr allow that

i did not bake this,but he would know why i put this picture. haha

i love my baby lucas.... <3


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