Saturday, May 1, 2010

Current Society

Have any of u noticed
how many people are
wolfs in sheep clothing

In high school, there were enough
to swallow my whole classroom.


Even now.
The saying "never judge a book by its cover"
is so applicable to the current society as it is.

I don't know what we have become.
Where are all our values?


We bitch about someone,

We talk behind their backs,
We say so many things we wanna do to them,
For exp: (damn, I just feel like telling her off)

Then why don't we do it?

If we can bitch so much,
why don't u tell the person straight in the face?

Its all just talk to everyone
but deep inside, a bunch of cowards,
the "I don't wanna get into this situation" mentality.

If u dare to say
"damn I'll smack his face if he hurts u again",
be prepared to do it.
Don't just say it.

I might be a coward once.
I bitched about someone and
when everyone confronted that person,
I was just so scared I did not say anything.

and I left my friends all alone
to fight for it while I just sat there.

I realized how wrong I was.
Lesson learnt. Won't happen again.

If u are as bold to bitch about people,
please have the guts to confront them in anytime,
in any situation.

I'm not saying to randomly
confront a person and say
"hey bitch, I know what u did"

I'm just meaning that
even if we do bitch about someone,
do not be such a coward and act so mellow
and happy as if nothing happened, in front of them.

Just imagine.
U are acting nice in front of a person
which u gossip and is so angry about.


I'm just speechless.


Valerie Low, my best friend has
thought me so many things about friendship,
even on situations like this,

I have been through thick and thin with her
which is why I love her so much.

In addition to that,
I also feel so freakin blessed
to have an awesome group of college friends as well.
U all are just awesome.

I feel like such a family with u guys.

I prayed before I stepped into college,
to have a group of friends which I can rely on.
U guys are just heaven sent.

Melissa, Jean, Arpana, Danielle,
Chia Hou, Nicklas etc etc etc.

There are many more =)

I might not be close to some of u
but u are all still amazing.

Each with a unique personality.
Very different from my usual group of friends.

To be honest, I was suprised that I could get along with all of u.
(because we are all so different)

Usually ppl just think I'm very quiet...
The thing is, I'm only quiet when I have nothing to say
or if I can't get a long well with the ppl.

My mum always tells me that it
takes a certain personality
to clique with different ppl.

Anyway, I just want to
thank u to all my friends.

U are all awesome and beautiful.

and u all deserve to know it too.
The bottom half of this post,
is for u.


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