Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Brother's Birthday Celebration

I know I have not been blogging for ages
due to my many assignments....
But I have conquered it, annnnnd,

Today I would blog about
"The Lost World of Tambun"
which is located in Ipoh.

Like I said in my previous post,
I never expected Ipoh to have such an attraction.
I thought it was a dead place whereby the 
only thing interesting................

...............are the famous Tambun pomelos. 
Clearly I'm wrong.

Many people showed up actually.
The entrance was crowded and me and my family
had to wait for 30 minutes outside, waiting to go in.
While waiting,
me and my mom took a couple of pictures
of the place and the surrounding.


We finally did made it in...... eventually,

The first thing that caught my attention was........
...this smiling pot.

Now what so awesome about this is,
that pot would get filled up with water,
and it would tip over....

My little brother chicken-ed out as usual.
He said it looked dangerous.....
geez.... what a party pooper.
So as usual, only me and Vincent went....
The splash was amazing !!! 
ALL of u should experience it.
Don't be freakin chickens like my little brother.

Here are some pics
of the waterpark...

What so unique about this place to me is,
we were actually in a way, 
in the middle of nowhere,
and surrounded by caves and nature.

During the float laze, as can be seen in the pic above,
we could actually see huge colouful spiders
hanging from webs above... 
Now I'm not afraid of spiders,
therefore I thought it was awesome.


Unlike Sunway Lagoon,
this place have less rides and slides.
But it does have a petting zoo,
a  slow "train" ride,
and a hot spring.

The Petting Zoo was awesome !
The animals there were so friendly,
especially the BIRDS !!!
 This was our ranger.
and perched on his arm,
is Jordan

When the ranger called its name,
it came running obediently to him.
It was adorable ! 
The ranger gave me some birdseed
and when I opened my palm,
it took less than a second for the birds to charge at me !

I had 5 birds on my arm, 
but I'm not posting those as  my facial expression
looked epic-ly hillarious and constipated !
 I hated the fact that they chained
this monkey to the pillar. (In the red circle)
All it could do was walk back and forth helplessly.


I was busy petting many animals.
I really ADORE fluffy animals 
.....which was why this little THING caught my eye.

 Just look at its luscious fur !!!!
Thank God I did not touch this little beast......
It was a SKUNK !
If it had farted in my face,
it would be the joke of the year !
Here are some other pics taken
One of the famous traits here is,
'The Needle of Tambun'
I forgot the exact age of this,
but I do know its ancient !

Another unique feature here is, 
the hot spring !
It does not look much like one here right?
( I thought it was a fake )

it transforms as the night falls.
 The hotel is not build finished
so we had to take the apartments.
It was still amazing and very relaxing.
We were staying at the
'Tower Regency Hotel & Apartments'
and I absolutely would recommend this place.
The price is reasonable and memories, priceless.

Alright I think i posted too much already,
so I'm gonna call it quits for tonight.


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