Thursday, August 19, 2010

Places I go with my brother.

 As some of u might know,
my brother takes me 
to a lot of places....


..... Especially this one time, 
when I was doing my
photography assignment on reflections.


These are some of the places which he took me too...

And btw,
I did not photoshop my pictures 
for this post. tq.


 This place was off the road.
They were even aborigines
fishing over here ! 

He literally brought me
to the middle of nowhere  !

The reflection shot here is not that nice.
I could have gotten a better shot if it was not
for the trees and plants and the steep slopes.

There were many many butterflies there,
it was almost surreal.

He helped me a a lot that day.

He also took me to the city...
.....and into random rooftop hotels.

This place was off the road AGAIN, 
so I don't know the place.
But I do know its around Ampang.
These two retarded geese above were so fierce !
There were approaching me, squawking so loudly.

Sunflowers !

I have never experienced goats so near me before...

...... well, except for mutton.

Hot Spring ! 

 Waterfalls !

I took this picture from a park.

We had to climb in the gates of the park
with my tripod and all just to get these snapshots !
Amazing experience.

At a hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

In Putrajaya. 

I took this shot by setting the tripod legs
on the door of the car, and on the chair cushion.

The police came eventually..... Darn !

In a nutshell, this was an amazing night.
There are way more photos and places actually
but I deleted those as the speed of my pc was lagging.


Alright, I have to get some shut eye now.
I have a job briefing soon.
Goodnight =)

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