Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Countdown.

The countdown to the new year is on.

2010 had thought me so much
and I learnt a lot.

My regrets this year, not learning to speak Chinese.
and being a little anti-social this year due to my mood.

I am a strange person in my opinion.
I won't call myself an introvert, nor an extrovert...
rather, I would place myself in between the two.

I might be bubbly but anti-social the next minute.
My mood changes fast and its also effected by my sleep.

This year is sucky because I am SO ANTISOCIAL due to my emo mood swings.

ALSO, my work !
Its stripped me of my normal life....
Now even when I'm on a holiday, I have to do work...

The worst part is.... designers splurge so much on brain power, 
money, and effort but the pay remains the same
while the price for everything now is increasing.....

..... but when my passion lies in this business,
I have no choice but to keep moving forward and be strong.
I'll make it somehow and I really want to thank all my friends
who have supported and prayed for me to the very end.

Your understanding and efforts... I am truly touched.
I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.
I feel truly blessed to have known all of u.


My resolution next year is to learn mandarin !
I feel so so so horrible without this language.
I REALLY want to get to know my family....
my cousins, grandmother, relatives......

All this years I have been nodding like a fool
not understanding, being left out time and time again, bullied...
SERIOUSLY...... Its traumatizing.

So to my friends that know this language...
Help me out alright..... teach meeee !


(with college buddies)

Planning even a movie outing with u guys is so tough !
So I appreciate every single successful outing that we had.
It made me learn so much about all of u.

Work hard, Play hard =)

I love all of you ! seriously...
Although I might not be butt close to every single one of u.
U were still there for me.... contributed to my smiles and memories 

By the way...
to this silly panda....
Get Well soon !!!

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