Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Its 4am x_x

Its going to be Christmas real soon.
I'm excited !

But firstly I was talking to a friend,
which made me think about the topic, insecurity.

Many people get insecure.
Maybe by our actions, maybe thats just the way they are, etc...

But whatever the reason is.... its dangerous.
Many arguments occur when one is insecure..
Usually its kept in, sometimes released in speech.

These words.....
can really make or break the person.
Once said, it can never be taken back.

Words are the sharpest tool to hurt a person.
Its not easy to forget these  hurtful words....

Friends are meant to be happy for one another.
Its not meant to be a one sided thing whereby one just
hold in his/her feelings and agree to whatever he says just to save the friendship.
Gosh yes we know the person is insecure, thats just the way he is but still...
How much can the other person bear with this?

This person, which gives in most of the time..........
WILL pop eventually.
Its just a matter of time.

If u are really her friend,
you should know better that she will always be by your side !
She might have more friends, so what? U expect to chain her up to u?
To have one close friend to her for the rest of her life?

U are her FRIEND..... not boyfriend.......

What about when she works? and when she gets a bf?
Both of u are leading different paths. Things may change,
BUT for your friendship.... gosh, if u two were really that close,
you should stop destroying your friendship with your insecurities
and know that she will always ALWAYS be there for u.

Think about it.

I wish I knew you, close enough to tell u this.
I do not want to see another friendship fall apart.

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