Monday, October 26, 2009

The curse of the guava and.............teh tarik !



oh gosh...

I don't know why these past few days,
I have been sleeping earlier.

and getting sleepier EARLIER.

Its so not meeee >.<
I have to blame the very night I ate the guava and drank milk tea.
its either the combination caused me to have the food poisoning


I have the stomach flu. BEWARE PPL. (Its contagious)

I had a tummy ache after that
and skipped church because i was afraid i would puke when i got out of my nest
so i thought sleeping longer would
ease me tummy ^^

unfortunately................... -___-

the moment i got up,
I felt green to the gills and puked all over.
YESSS all the ENZYMESSSS !!!!!


I ended up having the migraine and fever after that.
I felt so weak i could barely walk.
I have to thank Mel here. she cared so much =')

I felt much better today,
and it was my first time calling sponsors

for my group's breast cancer campaign!
i had horrible luck.
The companies were giving lame excuses,
like the person in charge is always walking around
so don't know when will she be back -__-
another more hebat woman just slammed the phone down.

We went to OU after that to look for material.
ok now my eye lids are drooping.
u seeeee !!!! its so not me to sleep at 2am !!!!
I'm a 5am sleeper! =\
maybe when i loose my fever soon, i would be back to normal.
nitex everyone !

ps~ i hate ms jolin's assignment ! so very hard

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