Sunday, November 1, 2009


yes yes yes !!!!

Finally I have finished Mr Khairul's first hw !
Her name is baby Julie,
daughter of Elisabeth Louise Vigee Le-Brun.
(I did not name her ok) It was already given to her.

I modified her hair in the drawing.
and it does not look like the painting a 100%,
but well I sure tried my best.


As for now.... I realised that i have a lot of
random FOOD pictures on my phone.
I'll just share it before i delete it....
yes i like taking pics of random stuff =)

Deformed M&M!

Mint Kit Kats!

Strawberry + Vanilla ice cream cone

The Eating Process ;)

My fav doughnut.


Lok lok =) (with val and friend)

My luxurious drink for my bday.

cotton candy from my lil bro.

Bracelets for mum's bday.

Mum's birthday cupcakes <3

My awakening candy.

At my grandma's place with my MANY little
animal cousins!!!

My fav lil beast !

she and her sister literally did this to me !!!

No matter, i still love her loads <33>

The second youngest member.

She is a potential animal in the making just like my other
hyperactive cousins here in Klang.

Her brother did this to me. I shouldn't have played "spin around"
with him. I got dizzy and fell down...There are more injuries but
I'm not posting that.
Its disgusting.
Took more than a week to heal...

Congrats Alice. U survived another week there -__-

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