Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daddy =')

I know I may not have been
the best daughter.

I get angry when I'm stressed.
I shout at u, and u would tell me later,
how hurt u were .....

Sometimes I fail to see,
the sacrifices which u have made
just for me.

It makes me smile, when I think
of the things which u try and do
to make me happy.

Remember the time
when u told me to choose
any handbag I want at Pavilion ?

Well I did not cuz;

I don't like spending and using
YOUR money.

I did not like most of the bags I saw,
although u took me to so many shops.

I know your love language is by giving gifts.
U show your love, by giving gifts,
although sometimes I would prefer
that u spend more time with me......

I can't change that...
So I'll appreciate it.

Yes I know u are impatient.
Want things quick.
May have a trouble with your ego.
and other negative stuff..

Sometimes I get really hurt too.

But no matter what happens,
U'll always be my daddy and I would
always love u, forever and always....

....although I know u make your
share of mistakes......


For this Father's day,
I dedicate this song to u.

Butterfly Fly Away,
Miley Cyrus ft Billy Ray Cyrus.

The lyrics are applicable..
to your sacrifices,
and also, your love....

Thank u,
for your love dad.
Happy Father's Day.

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