Friday, June 4, 2010

A change?

To be honest,
I'm embarrassed because of the
state of my blog.......

I mean just look at it.

To be honest,
its quite pathetic cuz I've been writing here
for years yet I have nvr really renovated it.

which is why, as u can see,
its quite empty and blank
and BLANK.

unlike my friend's blogs which
have links, cbox, mp3 players etc.

I might close down this blog soon
and create a new one.

But someone please teach me
how to insert links, and all those gadgets.

I tried reading the tutorial
but with a question mark on my face.
I just don't understand it.

Which means I'll upload my
photography pics in my future blog instead of here.
(if i have one)

Probably by the end of this year of earlier.

okie thats all.
Apart from that, gotta thank Val
for inviting me to go P&W !



Nicklas Yee (余紋樂) said...

you didnt really need to change to a new blog... what you need maybe just change the layout/template and add in those cbox and etc... since you got many post here...

Alice L. said...

But I don't know how to do that. I tried last time then i dono what i did until all my links all gone x( i tried until now also i give up... >.<

Nicklas Yee (余紋樂) said...

c la... maybe when the time we go library, can help you do to that =)

Alice L. said...

haha alright. I would appreciate that =)