Saturday, June 12, 2010


I'm getting ready for bed.
And by that, I just finished
bathing etc... yea yea I know its late.


That does not mean I'll fall sick that easily.
I have taken all the precautionary
such as:

HOT bath
NO aircon

has anyone heard of the
'The Lost World of Tambun' ?

I'll be going there really soon
to celebrate my little bro's birthday.
And the brochure of the place was not bad.

Its like Sunway Lagoon
but BIGGER and looking at all the
activities there, set my adrenaline pumping.

At first I was thinking,
what kind of name was Tambun?

isn't that the place in Ipoh
where it is famous for pomelos?

I did not know that such a place
could have such an attraction.

I can't wait to go.
The thing is, I did wish I had better company.
The only ones which are confirmed going
is my family....

how sad.

And my little brother is a freakin COWARD !

He's scared to go on a slide and
when water enters his eyes,
he'll practically go MAD and start
screaming like a complete mad man !

Me and my elder bro
would just back away slowly and say
"Owh himmm? nah we don't know that dude"

I have more to blog and
talk about actually but its getting late.
Got to get my hair dry and get some sleep.

Will catch up over here soon.

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