Thursday, November 17, 2011

Food Pics Overload

I just again transferred more pictures from my phone.
As usual I'm blogging to avoid doing my assignments.
Very unhealthy. ~cough cough~

Speaking about unhealthy...
I realized that my eating schedule is also screwed.
Not to mention my sleeping timing.

I have been going out for tea a lot lately with my buds.
Buying junk food at 'Giant', tea at Secret Recipe, Starbucks etc.
Till when I get home, my bird stomach refuse to take in my dinner portions.

.....which therefore makes me really hungry at night.
which is when I begin hunting and scavenging for food around my house,
which in turns makes me FAT !.....(internally)...... (if that even makes sense)


These pics were taken on the 3.11.11 at Secret Recipe.
There was this protest going on outside.
Something about worker rights.

We were doing our presentations then,
and with these people screaming their lungs out
made it really difficult for us.


Spending quality time with my buds :D
With a warm cup of white coffee.


Starbucks on the 14.11.11
While the rain was pouring outside...
It was so heavy till we had to take a cab back to the train station.


And this was taken yesterday.
At Secret Recipe, weather was really bad. Its been raining A LOT !
We had delicious Creme Brulee cakes while CH had Durian cake.
As usual I had my milky white coffee.


My supper !
Hard  boiled egg of perfection and tom yam instant noodle.
Simple but good stuff. Taken last night at 1.55AM. :)