Sunday, November 27, 2011

Girls !

Sometimes I kinda wonder whether if most girls are like me...
.....when it comes to shampoo, lotions etc.

Most girls want to smell good.
And as for me.... this is a must.

I like smelling these products from the shelf when I go shampoo shopping.
Something which I heard most guys do not do?
Is that true?

People always talk about inner beauty.
Give a thought about physical beauty.
I think it counts a lot too.

A survey conducted showed that girls love it when their man smells good.
I completely agree. Its a natural thing in my opinion.
Definitely a bonus point for you men out there whom take care of your hygiene.

My many shampoos, conditioners etc...
Most which I just collect or stopped using halfway.

My facial clenser, scrubs, contact lenses, hair texturizer etc.
(Thats my brother's shaver btw)

My many lotions and lipbalm sticks

I know my little stash is kinda little compared to some other people.
This post is inspired by another new conditioner I just bought...
It made me remember I had these pictures lying around.

Gosh I need the arms of my blanket and the comfort of my bed now.
Goodnight beautiful people !

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