Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Road Runner

I have been posting stuff here a lot lately.
Maybe its just an excuse for me not to do my work. haha.
Maybe its also cuz I just loaded the photos from my camera.

Here is one taken on the 9th October 2011.
It was taken right outside my house, right above my head.
My Facebook was spammed with these sightings.

I am a star gazing freak. I love looking at the nightsky.
Sometimes I feel as if I could just sleep under the stars.
Its a pity no one shares my obsession with me.

I would always ask my friends to look at the moon or stars
but usually they would just shrug it off or look for a moment, then say "ohhh"
hmphhh ! U guys don't know what ur missing !

Usually I only see this....

This halo however was HUGE !
It was magical. To those who missed it.....
Seriously... thats your loss. It was breathtaking.

Huge Huge Halo around moon taken outside my house.
I'm so glad we managed to capture a shot.

And finally,
Goodnite everyone.
3.42am...... a late posting....as usual  :)

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