Monday, March 8, 2010

my name

My parents and I have

been talking about my name

I had always thought
it was pronounced and told to be Yue Lee.
( I don't know how to spell it )

According to my friends,
Yue lee means 'calendar'.

I got quite puzzled on why
my parents named me after a calendar....

So when I asked them, they said it
is pronounced as YE LEE.
which means 'Beautiful Leaf'

I have always been confused
of the Chinese language....
now they named me after a leaf......


well at least its better than a calendar .

yesterday I carried a dog for the
first time

and got a very embarassing free
FACIAL MASK in public.

Dudee..... it was just bad.
I couldn't even laugh
when Shinji thought my

face got attacked by the dog.

Anyway thanks Val... for persuading me
to do awesome stuff like this.
Very memorable .

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