Friday, March 26, 2010

Part 2 (Random events)

I have quite a number
of camwhore pictures with Shinji.
I'll post some.

He invited me to exercise and
practice photography
at Broga Hill
with my bro the other day.

I climbed halfway till I could barely breathe
and was hyperventilating like crazy.

(nearly fainted)

I guess I'm NOT healthy
but thanks for
encouraging me Shinji.

Thanks Kor
for protecting me
from falling down.

Emo right?



I made a pinata
for my best friend on Valentine's Day.

Here's the process.

Smack it


Apart from that, my cousin
Jason got married. Damn sweet.


I have to sleep now...
I got sick again.

I just got tempted to blog extra today ...
cuz I do not know when
would be the next time I blog.


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